HiToki Trident (V2) - Canadian Vaporizers
HiToki Trident (V2) - Canadian Vaporizers
HiToki Trident (V2)
HiToki Trident (V2)
HiToki Trident (V2) - Canadian Vaporizers

HiToki Trident (V2)

HiToki Trident (V2)

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By combining a classic ritual with modern tech, Hitoki proudly introduces the first clean laser combustion smoking device. The Trident’s patent-pending laser system was designed for the ultimate smoking experience that features a modern minimalist design that is meant to be displayed. Elevate your sessions with lasers for a uniquely satisfying experience as you view the Tridents laser beam in action. After using the Trident’s laser system you will feel like you’re already on Mars.



    Aircraft grade aluminum exterior
    Carb button
    Removable ceramic loading chamber
    Integrated water filter
    Cleanest smoking experience



      280+ uses per charge
      Instant combustion
      LED power level indicator
      Fast charging USB-C
      FDA standard interlocks

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The Hitoki Trident is more than a smoking device; it's a revolution. The blue laser light ignition process elevates your smoking experience, enhancing flavours and providing a nice inhale. Once you experience the Trident's laser system for yourself, you won't want to smoke any other way. No more butane, no more hassle. Get ready to embark on a new era of smoking with the Trident.


With a patent-pending laser system, the Trident redefines smoking. The HiToki laser system uses a blue laser light to ignite your flower.This laser combustion process does away with the harsh fumes of butane lighters, treating you to the smoothest pull and the purest flavours. 


The HiToki Trident laser bong boasts multiple power settings and an exceptional battery. You won't need daily or weekly charges. With fast USB-C charging, you can watch the blue laser light ignite your herb over 280 times per charge. Whether you choose the hookah-style hose for group sessions or the adjustable mouthpiece for a more personal experience, the Trident is designed to meet your smoking needs.

HiToki Trident Information


The Trident has two styles of attachments. The hookah style hose makes it easy to share with group sessions while the adjustable mouthpiece is more compact with a water pipe style vibes


Forget having to charge daily or even weekly. The Trident features fast USB-C charging and has a powerful battery that will hold over 280 laser ignitions on a single charge. 


The Hitoki Trident is meant for use with herbs.

The Hitoki Trident comes with a manufacturer warranty.

  • 1x Trident Laser Device
  • 1x USB-C charging cable
  • 1x High output adaptor
  • 1x Loading chamber
  • 1x Silicone hookah hose
  • 1x Hose connecter
  • 1x Metal compressor