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About Wax Vaporizers

Marijuana wax vaporizers are a cleaner, more hygienic alternative to many other forms of THC inhalation. Many of our models allow you to discreetly carry your product in your purse, wallet, or pocket without leaving an odour. Canadian Vaporizers sells a broad range of wax vaporizers, pens, and kits for your marijuana concentrate supply. Find a wax vaporizer that matches your style, budget, and needs.

Why Wax and Not Herbs?

Inhaling the smoke from smouldering marijuana leaves is perhaps the oldest form of THC intake. Herbs are easily burned and inhaled through paper cigarettes, bongs, and pipes. Wax, or marijuana concentrate, has a toffee-like appearance and pasty consistency. It delivers a much higher THC potency (as high as 99%), which means that you only need a small dab at a time. Whether or not you prefer herbs or wax is completely a matter of personal preference and comfort level. With wax, however, you will notice a subtle taste in flavour, as the temperature used to heat the product is different.

How Do Marijuana Wax Vaporizers Work?

Dab pens or vaporizers all have slight design variations, but they all essentially work the same way. To use your wax vaporizer, simply turn the power button on enough times to ensure that the coil is working. With your dab tool, carefully add a small amount of concentrate to the coil. Pressing the power button down will cause the wax to start melting. See your product packaging for a more detailed description.

The Benefits of Using a Marijuana Wax Vaporizer

Some users prefer using electronic wax vaporizers over herb-based products because they are cost-efficient, clean, and much safer to use than other products. Any wax run-off that runs along the side of your atomizer can be removed and reused. Because the wax is heated at a lower temperature than other smoking methods, your throat won’t feel a burning sensation, and you won’t be inhaling other harmful products. Wax can be more affordable than other products because you only need to add a small amount each time to the coil for the desired effect.

Buy Wax Vaporizers in Canada

Canadian Vaporizers sells quality vaporizers, pens, infusers, e-cigarettes, and accessories from brands that Canadians love. Choose from our most popular designs to suit your needs and bring your vaping experience to the next level. We have many kits and wax pen vaporizers for sale from brands like Puffco, Dr. Dabber, Kandypens, R-Series, Yocan and more.

Canadian Vaporizers Has You Covered

Our kits are intended for the average user. Both beginners and experts will enjoy the variety we have to offer. Generally, all our kits are transportable; nonetheless, we have many options for discreet portable kits that allow you to carry your vaporizer in your purse or pocket wherever you go.

Can’t choose which marijuana wax vaporizer you like? We offer enough value and variety so that you can buy more than one! Find everything you need to satisfy your vaping experience from Canadian Vaporizers. Buy your marijuana wax vaporizer in Canada today.

All Wax Vaporizers Are Meant For Use With Wax. (No Herbs)

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