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About Desktop Vaporizer

Desktop vaporizers are the ultimate product for dedicated vaping enthusiasts. Don’t send in a portable vaporizer to do a desktop vaporizer’s job. If you’re one of our many customers looking for the best desktop vaporizer products, shop online at Canadian Vaporizers today. We have all the kits and accessories you’ll ever need to start—or complement—your vaping practice.

How Does a Desktop Vaporizer Work?

While there are some differences in desktop vaporizer models, all of them essentially work the same way. Every desktop dry herb vaporizer uses the convection method of heating the herbal product (usually marijuana) rather than the combustion method, which results in the release of more flavours otherwise unavailable with combustion.

All desktop models fall into two categories: forced-air or whip-style. The whip style is comprised of three parts: the wand, the tube, and the mouthpiece. Many users enjoy this style of desktop vaporizer, as it is easy to use and generally more affordable. The forced-air style uses an internal fan to draw hot air over the product, which creates a vapour stream that is sent into a balloon bag or attachment. In other words, whip-style vaporizers require the user to inhale; forced-air styles push vapour out independently.

The Benefits of Using a Desktop Vaporizer

Many consumers value this form of vaporization for its efficiency, effect, potency, and style. Desktop models are often used for medicinal, as well as recreational or cultural reasons. How do you know if a desktop vaporizer is right for you? Ask yourself if your vaping use is generally contained in one place. If you aren’t the type of person who vapes as they go, a desktop model might be your best fit.

Desktop vaporizers are sturdy and stable. While they can’t be carried in a bag, purse, or pocket, many consumers agree that they are far superior to portable options for their performance and effect. Our desktop herbal vaporizers are available in many styles, shapes, and sizes.

Guidelines for Users

Before purchasing a vaporizer from Canadian Vaporizers, be sure that you select the machine that uses the type of vaping product you intend to use. Not all dry herb vaporizers are suitable for waxes or oils, although many customers have also used aromatics and dried flowers. For your complete satisfaction, please carefully read the product description before you purchase your product.

Buy the Best Desktop Vaporizers in Canada

Canadian Vaporizers sells your favourite desktop herbal vaporizer brands in the country. Shop for brands, like Storz and Bickel and Arizer, and products, like the Classic Volcano, the Arizer Extreme-Q desktop vaporizer, and the NASA-designed Herbalizer. We also sell replacement accessories to boost your vaping experience.

We do not sell THC products.

Canadian Vaporizers Has You Covered

Can’t choose which vape product you like? We offer enough value and variety so that you can buy more than one—get one for the house, one for your bag, and one for a friend! Find everything you need to satisfy your vaping needs from Canadian Vaporizers. Buy your desktop vaporizers in Canada today.

All Desktop Vaporizers Are Meant For Use with Herbs & Selected Products Can Use Wax As Well. 

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