Premium Bongs by Cheech & Chong, Gear Premium, and Red Eye Tek at Canadian Vaporizers

Step into the world of exceptional craftsmanship with Canadian Vaporizers' exclusive collection of bongs. Featuring esteemed brands such as Cheech & Chong, Gear Premium, and Red Eye Tek, our selection caters to enthusiasts who demand quality and performance. Dive into our diverse range of glass bongs, water pipes, and smoking essentials designed to elevate your experience.

Glass Bongs

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Explore Premium Weed and Glass Bongs at Canadian Vaporizers


At Canadian Vaporizers, our mission is to help people across Canada to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in comfort and style. Thanks to our online head shop, Canadians from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia and everywhere in between can get all their favorite smoking accessories in just a few clicks!

A high-quality glass bong never goes out of style. Our smoke shop offers bongs in many designs and sizes so you can find the perfect match for your smoking preferences. Canadian Vaporizers carries the best online selection of glass bongs and accessories available in Canada, including brands like Canadian heady bongs, iRie and Ross' Gold Glass.

Canadian Vaporizers is your one-stop smoke shop, so come join us!


Looking for a better way to enjoy cannabis? You aren’t the only one. Here are the top reasons why more and more Canadians are choosing glass bongs when they want to spend some quality time with their best buds.

  • Bongs provide a smoother and more refined smoking experience than joints or blunts. No more sore throats.
  • Plastic degrades over time, but glass is forever! A glass bong is easy to clean and will stand the test of time.
  • The filtration provided by a water bong allows for smoother hits and a cleaner taste.
  • With a bong, users can easily customize their smoking experience. Hits can be as big or as small as you want!


Place an order of $99 or more, and you get free expedited shipping, with no discount code required.

All orders are shipped via Canada Post, using corporate rates, which means that even if your order doesn’t benefit from free shipping, you still get the most affordable rates.

Once your order has shipped our system will automatically send you a tracking number by email and/or text message. Orders typically ship within 24 hours, but delays can sometimes happen. We understand that you want your order as soon as possible, so if we can not ship your order within a reasonable time frame we will upgrade you to Xpresspost shipping for free.

For anything from a vaporizer to a silicone bong, we always have a vast amount of products in stock, so when you shop with us you can rest assured knowing that you will never have to wait long for your item of choice.


Our online bong shop provides customers with a great selection from the top brands in the industry. Our high-quality glass bowl bongs and glass pipes come in a wide range of sizes and styles to discover. Choose from exotic, colourful designs or sleek, modern designs, like a beaker bong. We have something to suit every taste and personality! 


At our bong shop, customer satisfaction is our top priority. By focusing on the variety, affordability and quality of our products, we help consumers across Canada get the items they want to take their cannabis experience to the next level.


For bongs, pipes, and all your other smoking needs, such as hand pipes, grinders, rolling papers, and vaporizers, Canadian Vaporizers keeps all your favourite items in stock, so they can be shipped to your door whenever you want!


With Canadian Vaporizers, you get a smoke shop that carries the best bongs Canada has to offer, and you can order any item from your mobile device!

Eternally grateful for the confidence of our customers, At Canadian Vaporizers, we are grateful for the loyalty and trust of our customers, which is why all our products are truthfully and accurately described, and we will never promote a sub-par product.

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Explore High-Quality Glass Bongs and Water Pipes from Leading Brands

We Sell the Bongs Canada Loves

There is a lot more to Canadian Vaporizers than just vaporizers; we are the leading site to buy high-quality glass bongs online. Canada - from coast to coast to coast - is quickly discovering our wide selection of glass bongs and water pipes from the best manufacturers in the industry. 

But that's not all! On top the best vaporizers and glass bongs, Canada relies on us for their preferred smoking accessories. Canadian Vaporizers is your one-stop smoke shop!

Vast Selection

Our online bong shop provides customers with a great selection from the top brands in the industry. There are many styles to discover; ranging from bubblers to beakers to straight tubes as well as exotic, colourful designs, we have something to suit every taste. 

Our high-quality glass bongs come in a wide range of sizes too, from small to huge and every size in between. And, of course, we also have a great selection of smoking accessories! We have carb caps, bangers, torches, grinders, odor control solutions, rolling trays, clothing, and much more!

Top Brands

The brands we carry represent the very best the cannabis industry has to offer. If you can find it in our smoke shop, it is definitely high quality!

Red Eye Tek

Red Eye Tek makes products that straddle the border between technical design and aesthetic art. Their bongs are more than just water pipes, they are high-performance leisure devices!

Red Eye Glass Bongs

Products from Red Eye Glass are both effective and stylish. They have some of the most unique designs you will ever find!

Cheech & Chong

Cheech and Chong have been an iconic comedy duo and two of the most famous smokers in the world since the 1970s. Their quality glass products are the result of years of experience and extensive "research." Featuring far out colours and designs, these collector pieces are a sight to behold!

Gear Premium

Since 2003, GEAR Premium has been skillfully designing and crafting bongs that are both incredibly beautiful and highly functional. They stand out for their great performance and minimalist design.

Heady Glass

These high-end bongs display some of the most intricate and creative designs you will ever find. Colourful Heady Glass pieces are typically made in limited runs, which makes them highly sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. They are truly works of art, no collection is complete without one!

Bong Tips - Cleaning and Maintenance

To make sure you get the most out of your bong purchase, it's important to note that a little cleaning and maintenance will go a long way to ensuring that your bong will provide peak performance for years and years. Also, a clean bong helps make sure you get the most of the delicious flavors and aromas of your preferred herb.

Learn more about bong cleaning here

The Customer is King (or Queen!)

Canadian Vaporizers is proud to provide an unparalleled customer experience that will keep you coming back for more. With that goal in mind, we have a price matching policy to make sure you always get the best price when you shop with us. If you find a product we carry at a better price anywhere else online, drop us an email ( and we will do our best to match it!

We are always adding new products to our growing collection of products to make sure you can find just what you want. But, if you notice that we don't carry something that you're looking for, please, let us know! For us, your satisfaction is always our number one concern. If you want to see new accessories or different brands in our smoke shop, we will make it happen.

Canadian Vaporizers

For top-tier quality, selection and prices you can't find anywhere else online, fill your cart with smoking goodies from Canadian Vaporizers! Our glass pipes and bongs make for gifts that keep on giving, year after year. And we are never out of stock!

When you place an order with us, it is usually ready for shipping within 24 hours, and many orders ship the same day they are placed. Also, orders in Canada of $99 or more get free expedited parcel shipping!

For great product selection, premium customer service and speedy shipping, choose Canadian Vaporizers. We are proud to be the best online head shop in Canada. Thank you for shopping with us!

Dab Rigs Canada, Cheech and Chong, Red Eye Tek, Red Eye Glass, iRie, Gear Premium

Introduction to Canada's Premier Dab Rig Collection

Welcome to the ultimate destination for dabbing aficionados in Canada. Our collection boasts an extensive selection of dab rigs, catering to every preference and experience level. From the iconic designs of Cheech and Chong to the innovative creations of Red Eye Tek, Red Eye Glass, iRie, and Gear Premium, we offer unmatched variety and quality. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or new to the scene, discover the perfect rig to elevate your dabbing sessions.

Dab Rigs Canada: A Gateway to Superior Dabbing Experiences

Dab rigs are specialized bongs designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, offering a potent and flavorful experience. Our curated selection includes a wide range of rigs, from simple, sleek designs for beginners to complex, artful pieces for connoisseurs, all from Canada’s leading brands.

Why Choose Our Dab Rigs?

  • Top Brands: Featuring renowned brands like Cheech and Chong, Red Eye Tek, Red Eye Glass, iRie, and Gear Premium.
  • Quality Assurance: Each rig is crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a premium dabbing experience.
  • Variety of Designs: Whether you prefer classic styles or modern, intricate designs, our collection has something for everyone.
  • Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect dab rig, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase.

Explore Our Exclusive Dab Rig Brands

  • Cheech and Chong: Dive into the world of these legendary cannabis icons with dab rigs that blend humor, style, and functionality.
  • Red Eye Tek: Known for their futuristic and metallic designs, Red Eye Tek rigs offer a modern twist to the traditional dabbing experience.
  • Red Eye Glass: Offering a range of beautifully crafted glass rigs, Red Eye Glass combines artistry with performance.
  • iRie: iRie rigs are all about peace, love, and positive vibes, featuring easy-to-use designs perfect for any user.
  • Gear Premium: Gear Premium rigs are designed for those who prioritize durability and a high-quality dabbing experience.


Consider factors like size, material, design, and the type of concentrates you plan to use. Our team can help guide your selection based on your personal preferences and needs.

Dab rigs are specifically designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, while bongs are used for smoking dry herb. Rigs typically feature a nail or banger instead of a bowl.

Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and salt will keep your rig in top condition. For tough residues, soaking and gentle scrubbing can be effective.

While dab rigs are designed for concentrates, some models can be adapted for dry herbs with the addition of a dry herb bowl.

Discover Canada's Finest Dab Rigs

Embrace the art of dabbing with our premium selection of dab rigs from Canada’s most loved brands. Whether you’re after the playful charm of Cheech and Chong, the cutting-edge designs of Red Eye Tek, or the robust quality of Gear Premium, our collection promises a match for your dabbing style and preferences. Explore our range today and take your dabbing experience to new heights.

Discover Top-Quality Weed and Glass Bongs at Canadian Vaporizers

Welcome to Canadian Vaporizers, your ultimate destination for top-quality weed bongs and glass bongs. Dive into our exceptional range of products, featuring renowned brands like Red Eye Tech, Cheech and Chong, Red Eye Glass, and Gear Premium. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of vaping, our collection promises the perfect blend of functionality and style. Our glass bongs are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and a clean, pure taste with every session. The sleek designs and intricate detailing of our bongs make them not just a tool, but a centerpiece. From the iconic, bold artwork of Cheech and Chong to the sophisticated, innovative builds of Red Eye Tech, our selection caters to every taste and preference. Looking for something robust and refined? Our Red Eye Glass and Gear Premium bongs are designed to provide a smooth, enjoyable experience with every use. These pieces are perfect for those who value both aesthetics and performance in their vaping journey. At Canadian Vaporizers, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products. Each weed bong and glass bong in our collection is selected to enhance your vaping experience, ensuring satisfaction with every purchase. Browse our selection today and discover why Canadian Vaporizers is the leading choice for premium vaping products in Canada.