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    Quality weed grinders never go out of style! With proper care you can enjoy finely ground cannabis for many years to come. Our wide selection of weed grinders caters to the needs of all our clients across Canada, as it includes a wide variety of models that go above and beyond the capabilities of a traditional grinder. If you're looking for a new grinder or simply just upgrading from your old one, then you’ve come to the right place. At Canadian Vaporizers, we carry grinder brands, such as Sharpstone, Moos, Kannnastor, Irie, heady bongs, and many others.

    Weed grinders are one of the most important tools in a weed smoker’s arsenal. A good manual grinder will never let you down, as the sharp teeth make it easy to evenly grind your dry herb down to your desired consistency, allowing for a more efficient and effective burn, which will also save you time and hassle in the long run.


    There are a variety of weed grinders on the market, but four-piece grinders offer the best combination of features. These grinders include a storage compartment and kief catcher, allowing you to collect the valuable pollen that falls off your weed as you grind it. The pollen can be used to make hash or other cannabis products, making four-piece weed grinders a great investment for any cannabis enthusiast. In addition to the storage container and fine powder catcher, four-piece weed grinders also typically include a built-in screen. This screen helps to catch any small pieces of weed that might otherwise escape, ensuring that you get a consistent grind of your legal dry herb every time.


    With the appropriate care, your grinder will stand up to the grinding process for years! Unlike an electric grinder that might be normally used for coffee beans, metal or acrylic grinders are easy to clean.

    Weed and herb grinders come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they need to be cleaned regularly to prevent build-up of residue. The best way to clean a weed grinder is to disassemble it and soak the parts in rubbing alcohol for a few hours (warning: do not do this to electric grinders!). Once the parts are soaking, use a small brush to scrub away any remaining residue. Rinse the parts with water and allow them to air dry before reassembling the weed grinder.