Extreme Q

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    Enjoy rich and flavorful hits from the Extreme Q's whip attachment or balloon bags. The Extreme Q will allow you to have simple sessions with its easy to use digital display and controls. 


    The Extreme Q features convection heating which forces hot air into the herb chamber to vaporize material without burning it. The Extreme Q also featuring a digital control panel that gives you full temperature control from 50°C to 260°C. 


    The Extreme Q features a built-in fan for use with balloon bags! The fan has 3-speed settings and allows you to inflate a balloon bag very quickly.


    The V-Tower features a silicone whip that spins 360° allowing you to share with your friends easily and vape in any position comfortably. The Extreme Q also features a 3-speed fan allowing you to have assisted direct flow while using the whip. 


    • Multi-Purpose (Use For Dry Herbs)
    • Pure Convection Heating
    • Precise Digital Temperature Control
    • Fast Warm-Up Time
    • High-Quality Ceramic Heating Element
    • Easy to use & Easy to clean
    • Carefully Sourced, High-Quality Components
    • High-Quality Boro-Silicate Glass Parts
    • Convenient Remote Control
    • Audio/Beep Tone
    • Adjustable Auto Shut-Off Timer
    • Quiet 3-Speed Fan
    • Cool-Blue LEDs
    • Temperature Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
    •  Manufacturer’s Warranty




    1 x Extreme Q Multi-Purpose Heater
    1 x Extreme Q Power Adapter
    1 x Extreme Q Remote Control
    2 x Extreme Q Glass Cyclone Bowl
    1 x Extreme Q Glass Aromatherapy Dish
    2 x Interchangeable Extreme Q Glass Whip Mouthpiece
    1 x Glass Stirring Tool
    1 x Extreme Q 3’ Whip (Silicone)
    1 x Extreme Q All-Glass Mini Whip
    2 x Extreme Q Balloon with Frosted Glass Mouthpiece
    1 x  Extreme Q Spare Flat Screen
    1 x  Extreme Spare Q Dome Screen
    1 x Sample Aromatic Botanicals
    1 x Extreme Q Owner’s Manual

      Extreme Q, Desktop Vaporizer - canadianvaporizers
      Extreme Q, Desktop Vaporizer - canadianvaporizers
      Extreme Q, Desktop Vaporizer - canadianvaporizers

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