Enjoy Style and Performance with an iRie Bong

Irie bongs are a popular choice because of their sinuous design and top-flight performance.

Available in blue, pink, green and black colour accents, iRie Loop-D-Loop beaker tube bongs come in a max length of 16 inches and are compatible with a honeycomb perc and splash guard for maximum cooling, filtration and ease of use.

More Than a Showpiece

For those who want the best possible smoking experience, iRie bongs are the way to go. These tall, impressive-looking bongs may initially attract cannabis aficionados of all ages due to their striking appearance. However, it's their next-level performance that keeps people coming back for more. iRie bongs are designed to offer a smooth, cool smoking experience, and they deliver on that promise thanks to their thoughtful design and high-quality construction. If you're looking for a bong that looks as good as it smokes, an iRie bong is the way to go.

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