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Ghost MV1 Stealth Review 








If You Have Done A Lot Of Research On The Internet On The Ghost MV1 You Have Probably Come Across Some Really Awesome Reviews And Some Nasty Ones As Well. To Be Honest, When I Had Tried My First Rose Gold Ghost MV1. I Was Having Some Issues Getting The Device To Produce The Perfect Hit Every Time. I Did Some Research And It Turned Out I Wasn't The Only One. Right Around This Time Ghost Vapes Had Announced There New Device Release. The Stealth Edition Ghost MV1, This Vaporizer Has A Beautiful Matte Black Finish, New Seals, Updated Firmware And A New Door Making The Devices Previous Problems Fully Go Away And Making The Device Perform Exactly How It Should Every Time When Used Correctly!

STurdy build

The Ghost MV1 Casing And Mouthpiece Is The Strongest On The Market! The Casing Is Built With A High Quality Metal Which Will Lead To A Long Lasting And Strong Device. The Mouthpiece Is Made Of Borosilicate Glass Which After Testing It Has Proven To Be Very Strong!


Versatile & Flavorful

Use The Ghost MV1 With Concentrates Or Herbs And Make The Transition From Either Product In Seconds By Only Switching The Crucible. The Ghost MV1 Features The Healthiest Heating Style Possible For Vaporizing Your Product. Featuring Its Convection Heating Style Producing Amazing Flavor Each Hit! 


Removable Battery

The Ghost MV1 Has One Of The Longest Lasting Batteries On The Market. Multiple Batteries Could Potentially Last You Days Without Needing A Charge. A Fully Charged Battery Will Easily Last The Average Stoner A Full Days Worth Of Use Producing A Minimum Of 40 Long Draws Depending On Your Heat Setting. 


Instant Heating

The Ghost MV1 Can Reach Vaporization Temperatures In Seconds Making It The Perfect Device For Quick And Effortless Sessions On The Go. Take A Large Draw Or Micro Dose Quick Hits Anytime You Want. Enjoy Some Of The Smoothest And Tastiest Vapor You Have Ever Experienced!


Charge Your Battery Twice As Fast With The Fast Charger. Averagely The Ghost MV1 Will Take 8 Hours To Fully Charge Via USB. With The Fast Charger Fully Charge The Ghost MV1 In 2 Hours! This Saves A Lot Of Time Incase You Forget To Put The Battery On Charge Via USB At Night. Great Job To Ghost Vapes For Adding This Insanely Useful Accessory.


The Ghost MV1 Makes It Easier Then Ever To Enjoy Fresh Session After Fresh Session With Its Removable Herb Chamber Which Is Called The Crucible. This Design Is Tremendous And By Far Makes It The Easiest And Fastest Device To Load On The Market!



Manually Control The Ghost MV1 Without The App Or Download The App And Simplify Your Session A Little More. The App Features A Setting That Allows You To Save Your Two Favourite Heating Temperatures And Access Them In Seconds. The App Also Gives You Full Temperature Control And Allows You To Lock Your Device So No One Can Use It Without Your Permission. 


Warranty & Inside The Box

Ghost Vapes Has Provided An Outstanding Warranty. Receive An Automatic 2 Years When Purchasing The Ghost MV1 And To Extend Your Warranty Register Your Device With The APP And Get An Extra 5 Years Of Warranty! Inside The Ghost MV1 Box Is 1 Concentrate Mesh Pad And 1 Crucible Meant For Use With Concentrates Only. 3 Alcohol Wipes, 3 Picks, 3 Cotton Swabs and A Micro USB Cable.



The Ghost MV1 Is A Bulky Device But Can Still Fit Into The Average Pocket. The Overall Dimensions Of The Device Are 5" In Hight, 2.25" In Width, 1.6" In Depth And Weighs 0.75lbs.



Over All Experience

The Ghost MV1 Is Far From Perfect But Still Arguably The Best Vaporizer On The Market. It Will Take Some Time To Learn The Techniques To Get The Perfect Hit Every Time But Once You Got It Your Golden. So Try Not To Get Frustrated!. I Wouldn't Say It Is A Vaporizer That You Can Give To A Friend And Let Them Use It Without Explaining Carefully How To Use It. But It Is The Perfect Device For Quick Efficient Sessions At Home Or On The Go When You Know How To Use It. The Ghost MV1 Does Get Dirty Fast, I Would Recommend Cleaning The Device Once A Week With Heavy Use. This Will Ensure That You Keep Getting Tasty Huge Rips Every Draw. Overall The Ghost MV1 Performs Better Than Most Vaporizers And Is Truly An Amazing Device And Can Be Used By Everyone As Long As You Have The Patience To Get Past The Learning Curve When Using The Ghost MV1.


Tips & Tricks

I Like To Call The Ghost MV1 The Bong Of Vaporizers, The Reason Being That The Ghost MV1 Can Produce So Much Vapor In One Hit It Feels Like You Just Took A Bong Hit. Here Is My First Tip, To Receive The Best Vapor Production From The Ghost MV1 Let The Device Pre-Heat For 7 Seconds, Then Restart The Heating Process And Take A Slow Draw At First Then Draw As Hard As Possible For The Remainder Of The Draw. After Your First Crucible, I would Recommend Only Pre Heating The Device For 3 Seconds Because The Device Will Still Be At Vaporization Temperatures For 5 Minutes After Your First Hit. After Pre Heating Proceed To Take A Slow Then Hard Draw Again. Pre Heating The Device Will Allow The Herb Chamber (Crucible) To Warm Up Hot Enough So Your Herbs Are On The Verge Of Vaporizing. Another Tip I Have Is To Make Sure To Grind Your Herbs Nice And Fine, This Will Allow The Heat To Transfer Through Your Herbs Easily And Vaporize Your Entire Crucible. Just By Following These Two Tips You Will Experience The Full Potential Of The Ghost MV1.



You May Be Wondering What A Crucible Is, The Crucible Is The Ghost MV1's Removable Heating Chamber That Is Made Of Zirconia Ceramic. This Design Can Be A Little Tricky To Place In The Devices Crucible Holding Latch But Also Very Convenient And Worth The Minor Troubles. In The Box The Ghost MV1 Comes With 1 Crucible For Herbs And 1 For Concentrates. If You Want To Make Having Multiple Sessions Easier I would Recommend Investing In A Crucible Dispenser Which Comes With 5 Extra Crucibles This Will Allow You Change To A Fresh Bowl In Seconds. The Ghost MV1 Uses A Lot Less Herbs Than Most Devices, I Find You Can Get The Biggest Rips Out Of The Device When You Load The Crucible Half Packed Which Is Very Convenient If You Are Trying To Save Your Herbs. The Crucibles Are A Genius Idea But Could Be Tweaked To Make The Device More Enjoyable. That Is One Thing I Hope Ghost Vapes Switches Up For There Next Device Release. 

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