Best Temp?

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Do you vape weed, and have you been wondering what temp to vape weed? 

It might sound like a silly question to some people, but choosing the right temperature is actually a really important element in the vaping process. Although many people might not realize it, the psychoactive effects, potency, and taste of vaping weed are highly dependent on the temperature settings of weed vaporizers

Choosing the right temperature to vape your weed can be tricky. You might think that there's one perfect solution, but it turns out this isn't true! The best way for each person will vary depending on what they want from their experience - some prefer a light high while others would rather have more intense feelings of bliss or euphoria... So how do you find yours? 

To help you get the most from your vaping experience, this short vape temperature range guide will help you figure out which temperatures are best for your needs!


The vape experience is highly dependent on the temperature setting of your vaporizer. In general, if you are looking to maximize the psychoactive effects of cannabis, you will want to vape at a higher temperature. If you are looking for a milder experience, or if you are vaping for medicinal reasons, you will want to vape at a lower temperature.

The potency of cannabis effects depends on the vaporizer temperature range. At higher temperatures, more cannabinoids will be vaporized, resulting in a more potent vape. The taste of cannabis is also affected by the vaporizer temperature setting. At high temperatures, cannabis will taste harsher and more acrid. At low temperatures, cannabis will taste smoother and more mellow.

So, you want to know the best temperature for vaping weed? Well, it turns out that there's no single "best" temperature. The right one depends on what kind of high (or low)you're going for - but rest assured: this will vary between a minimum temperature of 310°F(155 °C) and 446°F (230°C)! 


The cannabinoids in your cannabis are largely responsible for its taste and aroma profile. As you vape the plant matter of your favorite strain, more than dozens and dozens of different terpenes evaporate from the trichomes on top of each bud. Each terpene adds to the mix of aromas coming off your marijuana flowers when you vape them. Taste is so subjective, but there are some general trends that vape temperature can affect the taste of your cannabis. 

All of the cannabis compounds - cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids - have different boiling points. The chemical structure of your vapor will differ depending on temperature ranges because each compound has its own contribution to make to the vapor content and your overall vape experience. 

MINIMUM TEMPERATURE: 320°F(160°C) – 356°F(180°C)

Vaping within this temperature range yields the most flavorful vapor and lightest psychoactive effects. Because the vapor is as cool as possible, hits are smooth and keep throat irritation to a minimum. 

MIDDLE RANGE: 356°F(180°C) – 392°F(200°C)

In the middle road of vaping temperatures, users get the best of both worlds, which makes it the ideal range for most. The vapor remains tasty, but the effects are much more apparent than low temperatures. 

MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE: 392°F(200°C) – 446°F(230°C)

At the high end of the temperature range, vapor flavor diminishes significantly, but its impact is maximized. Vaping at high temperatures delivers the most powerful effects. 


When it comes to vaping weed, lower temperatures are generally considered to be the way to go for medical users. Low-temperature vaping preserves the flavor of the cannabis strain, and it also doesn’t produce the harsh vapor and throat irritation associated with high-temperature vaping. Also, the psychoactive effects remain relatively light, so they won’t be an obstacle to getting things done throughout the day. 


So, what is the optimal vaping temperature for you? It really depends on your needs and preferences. 

Vaping weed at lower temperatures produces a more mellow high than vaping at higher temperatures, so it’s great for medical marijuana patients who are looking to avoid the psychoactive effects of THC. However, recreational users might find that low-temperature vape hits don’t get them high enough to suit their needs.

In contrast, higher temperatures will make the psychoactive effects of THC more pronounced in your body and lead you to feel a stronger buzz than lower temperature vape sessions would. For example, vaping at 375°F (190°C) can provide roughly two times as many active cannabinoids as vape temperatures of 333°F (167°C), so it’s great for those who are looking for a more intense high.

However, if you vape weed at too high of a temperature, you may end up with a harsh and unpleasant taste. Vaping above 410°F (210°F) can make your herb taste burnt, so it’s best to avoid going above this temperature if you want to enjoy the flavor of your vape hits.


Whether you're new to the world of dry herb vaporizers or a seasoned pro, it's important that your device has an accurate temperature control system. If you can’t get your device set to the best temperature to vape, what good is all this reading?!

There's a lot of different dry herb vaporizers styles out there, but not all will give you precision heating control. To get the best experience possible when vaping cannabis with your dry herb vaporizer, look for weed vaporizers with convection heating and an advanced digital temperature display, either on the device or through an app, so you can get your vapes dialed in.  

Once you have a vaporizer that is up to the task, start with some small hits at the lowest temperature range and experiment by gradually increasing the temperature. It will likely take some time (probably more than one session) to experience all the subtleties between temperature ranges, but you are sure to have a good time finding your ideal balance between flavor and effects. Enjoy!