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G Pen Dash
G Pen Dash - Canadian Vaporizers
G Pen Dash - Canadian Vaporizers
G Pen Dash - Canadian Vaporizers
G Pen Dash - Canadian Vaporizers
G Pen Dash - Canadian Vaporizers

G Pen Dash

G Pen Dash

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Introducing the G Pen Dash: Compact, Sleek, and Powerful

Elevate your dry herb vaping experience with the G Pen Dash, another innovative addition to the renowned Grenco Science lineup. This ultra-compact vaporizer is designed for those who value discretion and portability without compromising on performance. The G Pen Dash brings together supreme functionality and minimalist design in a small, easy-to-use device perfect for on-the-go use.

Key Features of the G Pen Dash

  • Discreet and Durable Design: The G Pen Dash features a durable aluminum alloy body that is both lightweight and resilient, ideal for the rigors of daily use. Its compact size makes it incredibly discreet, fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand or pocket.

  • Optimized Heating Capabilities: Equipped with a stainless steel heating chamber, the Dash delivers even and efficient vaporization of dry herbs. The device offers three temperature settings (375°F, 401°F, and 428°F), allowing you to customize your vaping experience based on your personal preference and the specific characteristics of your herbs.

  • Haptic Feedback: The G Pen Dash utilizes haptic feedback to keep you informed of when your device is ready for use and when it shuts off automatically, enhancing usability and safety.

  • Easy to Use and Maintain: Operation is straightforward with a single-button interface that controls all functions from heating to shutdown. The magnetic mouthpiece cap offers hassle-free loading and cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.

Enhanced Portability and Power

  • Built-in Battery with USB Charging: The G Pen Dash is powered by a built-in battery, which is recharged using a micro-USB cable. This setup ensures that you can easily charge your device at home or on the move, providing multiple sessions on a single charge.

  • Clean Vapor Path: The air path is isolated, ensuring that the vapor produced is clean and pure, allowing you to taste the true flavor of your herbs without contamination.

What’s Included?

  • G Pen Dash Vaporizer
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Packing Tool
  • User Manual

Your Ideal Travel Companion

The G Pen Dash is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, discreet, and user-friendly dry herb vaporizer. With its robust build quality, optimized heating, and simple operation, it’s designed to offer a seamless experience from start to finish. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the G Pen Dash ensures that your vaping sessions are as enjoyable as they are effortless.

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The G-Pen Dash vaporizer is the ideal choice for those seeking a compact, discreet, and user-friendly device for vaporizing dry herbs. With its straightforward single-button operation and three temperature settings, it's exceptionally easy to use. The Dash is perfect for beginners or those who need a reliable vaporizer for social outings.

Sophisticated Heating with Glass Glazed Stainless Steel

The G-Pen Dash stands out with its innovative glass glazed stainless steel chamber. This design not only enhances conduction heating by placing a protective buffer between your herbs and the chamber but also simplifies cleaning, offering a cleaner, purer taste.

Customizable Temperature Control

The G-Pen Dash provides three adjustable temperature settings (190°C, 205°C, and 220°C), allowing you to tailor your vaping experience. Each setting is indicated by an LED light integrated into the button, giving you clarity and control over your vaporization temperature.

Intuitive Haptic Feedback

Equipped with haptic feedback, the G-Pen Dash vibrates to indicate when it's heated and ready for use, adding a layer of convenience to your vaping sessions. This feature ensures you know exactly when to start drawing, without any guesswork.

Efficient Power Management

Though compact, the G-Pen Dash houses a 950mAh battery, complete with a micro-USB charging port and the capability for passthrough charging—meaning you can use the vaporizer even while it's charging. For those needing a device that lasts through the day,

Reliable Performance with Warranty

The G-Pen Dash comes with a one-year warranty from Grenco Science, covering any defects outside of normal wear and tear and battery degradation. Should issues arise within this period, contacting Grenco Science for support is straightforward and user-friendly.

Key Features at a Glance

Key Features at a Glance

  • Three temperature settings for precise control
  • Conduction heating with a glass glazed chamber for easy maintenance
  • Built-in haptic feedback for readiness alerts
  • Simple single-button operation for ease of use
  • 950mAh battery with passthrough charging capability
  • Comes with a magnetic mouthpiece for easy loading
  • Backed by a one-year warranty from Grenco Science

How much dry herb can the G-Pen Dash chamber hold?

The G-Pen Dash's chamber can accommodate up to 0.25 grams of dry herb, making it ideal for personal use and ensuring a fresh experience with each load.

Can I use the G-Pen Dash while it's charging?

Yes, the G-Pen Dash features passthrough charging, allowing you to use it while it's plugged in. However, for the best performance and battery longevity, it's recommended to use the device after it has been fully charged.

How long does it take for the G-Pen Dash to charge fully?

The G-Pen Dash typically charges fully within 1 to 2 hours, depending on the power source and the remaining battery level at the time of charging.

How many hits can you get from the G-Pen Dash on a single charge?

On a full charge, the G-Pen Dash can provide approximately 35 minutes of continuous use, which translates to a number of sessions varying based on the length and intensity of each draw.

HiToki Trident Laser

The G Pen Dash delivers exceptional functionality in a compact, discreet, lightweight, and cost-effective device that easily fits in the palm of your hand. It boasts a stainless steel heating chamber with a glass glaze and offers three temperature settings (375F/190C, 401F/205C, and 428F/220C). The G Pen Dash is perfectly suited for on-the-go use and can be comfortably stowed in pockets of any size.

Haptic Feedback

Paired with a pristine air source and a built-in air pathway, you can savor unparalleled flavor and vapor output from your preferred strains. Additional noteworthy aspects encompass a user-friendly chamber opening for easy loading, as well as a magnetically detachable mouthpiece for effortless cleaning and maintenance. The G Pen Dash is equipped with haptic feedback and a smart button adorned with three LEDs, serving as indicators for heat level and battery status. It offers pass-through charging via Micro-USB and an automatic shut-off feature, optimizing battery longevity and enhancing usability with each charge


The G Pen Dash Vaporizer is meant for use with herbs.

The G Pen Dash comes with manufacturer warranty.