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    51 products



    Red Eye Tek glass has quickly become the talk of the cannabis industry, thanks to the quality craftsmanship, stunning design and powerful performance of each piece.

    Backed by decades of experience, the dedicated designers and creators at Red Eye Tek have created collections that straddle the border between art and technology. Design aficionados love them for their stunning yet simplified appearance, while cannabis connoisseurs choose them for the uncompromising smoking experience they deliver.

    Every Red Eye Tek bong is built to last because they are made exclusively from 100% borosilicate glass. Their metallic finish can only be achieved through proprietary Red Eye Tek techniques, which makes them a truly unique brand in a sea of generic competitors.


    These durable and functional pieces of gear show the artistry involved in the Red Eye Tek design philosophy, with sinuous curves, intricate features and clear polished joints on display.

    The compact design of the items in the Red Eye Tek Portable Collection make for easy transportation and convenient storage. Ranging in height from 5" to 8.5", there are models designed for concentrates as well as dry herb. Each comes with an eye-catching metallic finish and is available in multiple base colours, like blue, green, champagne and even rainbow.


    The Hex Tube Collection features a classic bong design that puts the symmetrical beauty of everyone's favourite six-sided polygon on display. Ranging in size from 10" to 12", these Red Eye Tek bongs have either a hexagonal base, hexagonal tube neck, or both. Each comes with the signature diamond pullout, a square mouthpiece and clear polished joints.

    The models in this collection are designed primarily for use with flower, as they come equipped with either 115mm or 140mm downstems, but certain models can be adapted with the appropriate banger.


    Simplicity has never been so stunning! The straightforward designs in this collection are complemented by twisted and radiated patterns. The radiation straight tubes come in either 12" or 15" models, with a varying number of square marias to create tubes with a unique radiating effect.

    These water bongs stand out, not just because they stand tall. The metallic finish, clear polished joints and textured tubes to be discovered in the Straight Tube Collection make them flashy yet functional works of art.

    Available in blue, green, champagne and rainbow metallic finishes, this Red Eye Tek collection was designed with dry herb in mind, but they can be easily adapted for use with concentrates if you swap in the right banger.


    This Red Eye Tek collection combines some of the most popular elements from their Straight Tube and Hex Tube Collections to create a line of standout pieces that are greater than the sum of their parts. By mixing and matching hex tubes and bases with stunning square marias, the Beaker Collection showcases glassware pieces that are truly works of art.

    Designed primarily for use with dry herb, these bongs range in size from 10" to 15" and come with either 115mm or 140mm downstems.


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