How Does a Volcano Vaporizer Work?

The Iconic Vaporizer, Explained. 

Starting from humble beginnings in Germany in the 1990s, the brainchild of graphic designer Markus Storz - the first Volcano Vaporizer - was patented in 1998, marking a watershed moment in cannabis history. 

Since then, the original Volcano Vaporizer and its descendants, like the Volcano Digital and the Hybrid Volcano Vaporizer, have changed the standards and expectations of cannabis consumers around the world. 

At this point, the Volcano Vaporizer is practically a household name, a rare feat for any aspect of cannabis culture. But, unless you have significant experience with one of your own, it’s not obvious how these seemingly magical devices actually work. 

A Dab of Volcano Classic Vaporizer History


In the 1990s and early 2000s, vaporization technology was still in its infancy. The underlying concept - heating cannabis enough to enjoy its psychoactive and therapeutic compounds without venturing into the realm of unhealthy combustion - was understood by cannabis connoisseurs, but their devices weren’t able to match their vision for clean cannabis consumption. Enter Markus Storz, the founding father of the desktop vaporizer.  

Storz began working on prototypes on his own in Germany in the mid-1990s, before pairing up with longtime friend Jürgen Bickel. Together, they launched the Storz & Bickel brand in 2002, with a vision for a device suited for the rapidly growing medicinal cannabis market. Through hard work and innovation, they were able to realize their vision before long, as the Volcano went from a niche product for a select croad to being the first vaporizer to receive international medical certification. 

From Prototype to Vaporizing Icon

man vaping

When the first Volcano was in development, Storz tried using a heat gun to get the cannabis into the right temperature range, but this approach proved to be problematic for its potential to release harmful carcinogens. So, the enterprising entrepreneur came up with his own solution - a pure convection heating system that uses a hot air pump, heating block and controller. 

This approach allowed Storz to find the ideal temperature range for vaporization, which prevented the harmful side effects of combustion while extracting the important ingredients in the form of cool and flavourful vapor. When paired with the detachable balloon system, the Classic Volcano Vaporizer took shape. 

Volcano Design - Features & Function

Volcano Classic 

vulcano classic gold edition

The Volcano Classic desktop vaporizer stood out from the rest of the market thanks to its robust cone-shaped base unit. Containing a bimetal controller to adjust the temperature range up to a maximum temperature of 446 degrees fahrenheit, the base unit holds the heater and air pump. 

The pump draws hot air into the device where heating elements bring it up to the desired temperature before it is pumped into the removable filling chamber. The magic of vaporization takes place in this chamber before it is released into the detachable valve balloon, where users finally inhale the end product. 

Volcano Hybrid

Volcano Hybrid

The latest offering from Storz & Bickel, the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, has been updated with new, innovative features. It is the first Volcano vaporizer model to offer both the removable balloon system, as well as a rotating whip to offer functionality similar to that of a hookah. 

The Hybrid Volcano vaporizer also features a digital temperature reading screen so users can dial in the preferred vape temperature with great precision and a new heat exchanger that uses both convection and conduction heating to bring the Hybrid Volcano up to vaping temperature in about two minutes. 

Volcano Vaporizer Benefits


The biggest difference between vaporizers and other forms of cannabis consumption is that users avoid all the negative aspects of smoking. Vapor differs significantly from smoke in that it is more flavorful and far less harsh, while delivering all the benefits of cannabinoids without the health concerns that come with the inhalation of a plume of smoke from dry herbs.

With the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, the easy valve balloon bag system and advanced heat controls make it possible for users to fine tune their herb or concentrate vapor to suit their tastes.

What Can You Vape with Volcano Vaporizers?

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer works with dry herb, but the Volcano set also includes a drip liquid pad to use cannabis concentrates. 

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At Canadian Vaporizers, we are proud to carry the finest products from Storz & Bickel, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer and the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer. Volcano vaporizers not only created the modern vape scene as we know it, but they also remain the industry’s leading manufacturer. Perfectly suited for connoisseurs and neophytes alike, these vaporizer models will enhance anyone’s cannabis experience.