Puffco Peak Pro - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro
Puffco Peak Pro - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro - Canadian Vaporizers

Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak Pro

This Is The Original Version Puffco Peak Pro. Their Is A New Version Of This Peak Pro

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The Peak Pro represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technology.

For the beginner, it's the most efficient and seamless way to experience the magic of concentrates. For the connoisseur, it offers the highest level of customization and control to dial in the exact experience you're looking for.

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New Peak Pro In Depth Review


New Peak Pro & Puffco Peak Pro Comparisons & Differences



Yes, the Original Puffco Peak Pro has been discontinued. We only have the New Peak Pro available.

View Our Puffco Peak Pro Review There are some key differences between the Peak and Peak Pro. First, the Peak Pro has Bluetooth capability to connect to the Puffco Connect app which gives users more control and customization options. It also allows for real-time temperature control and customizable LED lights. The New Peak Pro also comes stock with 3D Chamber.

The Puffco Peak Pro is to be used with Concentrates.

On average about 30-40 heating cycles and will fully charge within 2 hours.

The Puffco Peak Pro is covered for 1 year under the Puffco warranty.

  • Real-Time Temperature Control
  • Large Ceramic Chamber
  • 4 Preset Heat Profiles (expandable/customizable via app)
  • 40 Heat Cycle Average Battery Life
  • 20 Second Heat Up Time
  • 2 Hour Fast Charge Time
  • Bluetooth App Connectivity
  • Customizable LED Lights
  • Auto-Sleep Function
  • Wireless Qi Charging
  • USB-C Connection

Puffco Peak Pro

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Original Puffco Peak Pro Information


The Puffco Peak Pro offers a host of cutting-edge features to deliver a truly exceptional vaping experience. With Bluetooth app connectivity, you have total control over your sessions - create custom heat profiles, adjust temperature, time, and LED color with ease. Say goodbye to guessing games thanks to an embedded temperature sensor and real-time temperature control, ensuring consistent hits every time you load your concentrates.

The Puffco Peak Pro boasts an impressive session average battery life, keeping you in the game for extended periods. And with the Peak Pro Power Dock, you get wireless charging capabilities, so that your device will always be charged and ready to go. For added convenience, enjoy pre-programmed heat settings that cater to different preferences, making your dabbing sessions quick, easy, and efficient.


The Peak Pro app experience provides a new level of control over each aspect of your device.


No matter how much you load or how hard you inhale the experience stays the same.


Always return to a fully charged Peak with the Power Dock wireless charger


The Peak Pro chamber is the engine for the entire device. A unique sensor embedded inside of the chamber communicates with your Peak Pro, keeping the temperature settings exactly where they need to be - regardless how hard you inhale or how much product you put in. The end result is the most consistent and controlled dab ever.


The new Oculus Carb Cap provides a window into your dab experience, making the magic of your melting concentrates visible.

The press-fit connection locks into the chamber, keeping your carb cap and your oil where they belong. Puffco also incorporated a directional air path into the design that maximizes vapor production.


The Peak Pro features a completely redesigned atomizer. The newly sealed atomizer improves reliability and increases performance. The chamber is also 40% larger to accommodate more concentrates.