The New Peak Pro vs. Puffco Peak Pro: An In-depth Comparison & Differences

Mar 28, 2024

The New Peak Pro vs. The Original Peak Pro: Elevating the Vaporizing Experience

The introduction of the New Peak Pro by Puffco has sparked considerable excitement among concentrate vape world, setting a new standard in the world of concentrate vaporization. This enhanced version builds upon the solid foundation laid by the Original Peak Pro, incorporating a suite of upgrades that refine the user experience. This comprehensive comparison delves into the advancements of the New Peak Pro, highlighting its superiority over its predecessor and affirming its position as a pinnacle of vaping innovation.

New Peak Pro vs Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco's Technological Refinement and Enhanced Design

At the heart of the New Peak Pro's appeal is its technological sophistication. Puffco has taken feedback from the vaping community to heart, implementing an optimized 3D Chamber that marks a significant departure from the traditional heating system of the Original Peak Pro. This innovative chamber ensures a more even distribution of heat, resulting in more efficient vaporization of concentrates and an enriched flavor profile.

Moreover, the New Peak Pro introduces a redesigned glass bubbler. With additional holes and a vortex percolator, this new design not only enhances airflow but also amplifies the vaporization process, creating a smoother and more enjoyable experience. 


Differences Between the New Peak Pro and the Original Peak Pro

  • Heating ChamberNew Peak Pro: Comes stock with a 3D chamber for even and efficient vaporization.
  • Heating Chamber: Original Peak Pro: Comes stock with Original Chamber (3D chamber sold separately)
  • Carb Cap:  New Peak Pro: Includes a Joystick Carb Cap for precise airflow control
  • Carb Cap: Original Peak Pro: Comes with an Oculus Carb Cap
  • Glass Design:  New Peak Pro: Features heavier glass (95g) and a high-quality bubbler with 5 airholes and a grooved percolator for optimized airflow.
  • Glass Design: Original Peak Pro: Less thick glass (80g) with a standard straight bubbler design.
  • Charging AccessoriesNew Peak Pro: Does not come with an AC adapter, only a USB-C cable.
  • Charging Accessories: Original Peak Pro: Includes both an AC adapter and a USB-C cable. 

      Similarities Between the New Peak Pro and the Original Peak Pro 

      1. Cross-Compatible Accessories: Both devices support wireless charging with the power dock and are compatible with the glass mouthpiece and other Puffco accessories.

      2. Design, Feel, and Size: Both have a similar overall aesthetic, providing a luxurious dabbing experience with excellent vapor quality.

      3. Temperature Control: Each device features a single power button for temperature control, facilitating easy adjustments during use.

      4. Vapor Quality: Known for producing exceptional vapor quality, both models ensure a satisfying dabbing experience.

      5. App Support: Puffco provides Bluetooth app support for both Android and Apple devices, allowing for high customization options.

      6. Battery Life and Charging: Each vaporizer boasts a battery life of approximately 30 cycles, with options for USB-C and wireless charging.

      New Peak Pro Joystick Cap

      Puffco's Intuitive Use and Superior Functionality

      Maintaining the user-friendly approach of the Original Peak Pro, the New Peak Pro simplifies the vaping process while offering advanced control. The inclusion of a Joystick Carb Cap, as opposed to the Oculus Carb Cap of the previous model, grants users precise airflow management, enhancing the customization of each session. This cap is a tangible improvement, offering a more engaged interaction with the device.

      The New Peak Pro's commitment to functionality extends to its accessories. Despite the heavier glass construction, which adds to the device's stability and durability, Puffco ensures backward compatibility with accessories, such as the wireless charging power dock and glass mouthpiece. This thoughtful consideration preserves the value of previous investments while embracing the new system's advantages.

      New Peak Pro

      Puffco App Integration and User Engagement

      Both versions of the Peak Pro boast Bluetooth app support, allowing for detailed customization via a smartphone. However, the New Peak Pro's firmware upgrades harmonize more seamlessly with the app, providing a more intuitive and responsive interface. This integration enhances the device's temperature control, session timing, and light customization, offering a tailored vaping journey.

      New Peak Pro App

      Puffco Battery Life and Charging: Efficiency Meets Convenience

      The New Peak Pro maintains the impressive battery life characteristic of the original, supporting approximately 30 cycles on a single charge. The transition to a USB-C charging system, without an AC adapter, reflects a modern approach to device management, aligning with the universal trend towards USB-C for electronic devices.


      he New Peak Pro distinctly sets itself apart as the pinnacle of concentrate vaporization, embodying the perfect harmony of advanced technology, user-centric design, and unparalleled vapor quality. With its innovative 3D chamber, precise Joystick Carb Cap, and optimized airflow through a redesigned glass bubbler, it offers an unmatched vaping experience that caters to both flavor aficionados and cloud chasers alike. Coupled with its sleek, textured design and enhanced firmware for seamless app integration, the New Peak Pro stands as a testament to Puffco's commitment to innovation, making it by far the best choice between the Original Peak Pro and the New Peak Pro.

      FAQs: New Peak Pro vs. Original Peak Pro

      The New Peak Pro introduces an optimized 3D chamber, a joystick carb cap, a redesigned glass bubbler with improved airflow and enhanced firmware for a more refined vaping experience.

      es, Puffco has ensured that most accessories, including the glass mouthpiece and wireless charging dock, are cross-compatible between both models.

      Absolutely. With its user-friendly interface and adjustable settings via the device or app, the New Peak Pro is accessible to both beginners and seasoned users.

      Regular cleaning of the ceramic chamber with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs is recommended. For more stubborn residues, activating a low-temperature setting and wiping it down can effectively clean the chamber.

      To update your Peak Pro's firmware:

      1. Connect your device to the app following the steps outlined in the guide.
      2. If an update is available, a notification will appear in the app. Click on the notification to start the update process.
      3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the update. Ensure that your Peak Pro remains connected and close to your iPhone during this process.

      Yes, connecting your Puffco Peak Pro to the iPhone app unlocks several exclusive features. These include detailed customization of heating profiles, LED color settings, and haptic feedback options. The app also provides access to session statistics, such as usage frequency and average session length, offering insights into your vaping habits. Additionally, firmware updates released through the app can introduce new features and improvements to your device.