THiCket Water Pipe - Canadian Vaporizers
THiCket Water Pipe - Canadian Vaporizers
THiCket Water Pipe - Canadian Vaporizers
THiCket Water Pipe - Canadian Vaporizers
THiCket Water Pipe - Canadian Vaporizers

THiCket Water Pipe

THiCket Water Pipe

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Thicket Lite Water Pipe in Black Mamba

The Thicket Lite Water Pipe in Black Mamba unlocks the true potential of recreational, cannabis smoking. Designed with a variety of material, Thicket Lite becomes the perfect combination of 70’s technology with 2000’s ingenuity. All you need to do is add water and it’s ready to go!

The Key Features of Thicket Lite


The Thicket Lite has some awesome features that stand out compared to other smoking accessories. When closed up, Thicket Lite is smell-proof and leak-proof. Water can stay in the device up to 2 weeks without changing, depending on use. The Thicket Lite includes a silicone case to hold your favorite 14mm bowl, banger and elbow connector along with your favorite flower and concentrates. With the built-in enclosed percolation filtration system, you get a rip that’s smooth and steady. The built-in ash catcher makes it very easy to clean, catching all the mess without mixing in with the water.

Perfect For Outdoors and Traveling

Whether you’re going on vacation, walking your dog, camping, taking a hike, hanging with friends or relaxing at home, the Thicket Lite is the perfect addition to any activity! For on-the-go smokers, the Thicket can tag along on all your adventures. It’s lightweight build will fit comfortably in your hands just like a water bottle, giving you the most efficient and enjoyable smoking experience.

Extremely Discreet!

The device is discreet and intended for the busy, traveling smoker who prefers not to publicize their recreational cannabis-use. The Thicket Lite’s design looks similar to your everyday water bottle or thermos. After use, it can also be closed up and leave absolutely NO trace of smell!

Get Your Thicket Lite Today!

How to Use:

  1. Pull the white knob off to let the air flow come through,
  2. Pull the cap on top to pull up the glass pipe ~ listen to that beautiful sound as you pull it up!.
  3. Pull off the bottom canister to get the glass bowl and neck.
  4. Place them on the canister.
  5. Add water from the top of the percolator glass pipe.
  6. Add your favorite herb or dab… ENJOY!!!!

What is Thicket Lite?

The Thicket Lite is the latest trend in portable water pipes. A leak-proof water pipe that provides the simple pleasure of having everything in one sleek, traveling canister. Thicket Lite offers the conveniency of being able to use it no matter where they are. Because of its discreetness, the most common question about the THiCket Water Pipe is, “what is it?” What started as a brand that sold Tiktok’s viral first-of-its-kind portable water pipe, is now a growing company branching out with its own twist on various smoking accessories.

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