Stash Transparent SLIM 510 Battery

Stash Transparent SLIM 510 Battery

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In search of a dependable vape battery versatile enough to accommodate a range of cartridges? Dive into our Transparent 510 thread vape battery or Stache CoNectar. Drawing inspiration from beloved 90's gadgets, its universal threading coupled with extended battery longevity makes it an ideal companion for avid vapers on the move. Explore now and relish the adaptability and efficiency of our Transparent 510 thread vape battery.

The Transparent, with a 400mAh capacity, marries the charm of '90s tech nostalgia with the dependability of a leading brand in a 510 thread vape battery. Outperforming the typical industry standard of 350mAh, its innovative design adds an edge of durability. Tailored for a wide range of cartridges and add-ons, the Transparent stands out as the prime pick for consumers seeking a blend of mobility, trustworthiness, and flair, underscored by these standout attributes:

  • Dual Copper Rod Power Injection
  • 510 Thread Connection
  • Long Lasting 400mAh battery
  • Power Settings and Pre-Heat Functionality
  • Colorful Retro Design

With a capacity of 400mAh, this battery features three distinct power levels: Low (2.7v), Medium (3.3v), and High (4.0v). This versatility accommodates various accessories and legal concentrates, ensuring optimal consumption. Moreover, a unique double-tap preheat function rejuvenates the device after extended inactivity, guaranteeing that the initial draw remains consistently fresh, regardless of the frequency of your vape pen usage.


The Transparent Slim Battery introduces an innovative dual copper rod configuration. Unlike the typical copper wiring found in many 510 thread vaping devices available today, these dual rods ensure quicker and more dependable power delivery. Furthermore, they offer enhanced resilience against mishandling, accidental drops, or overcharging. Nevertheless, for optimal performance and longevity, we advise adhering to our guidelines on correct battery charging and care as detailed in our "How to Keep Your Slim Battery Lasting Longer" guide.


Thanks to the Transparent's USBC charging capability and prolonged battery duration, you can relish extended, seamless vaping experiences. This translates to fewer charging intervals and more moments savoring your cherished flavors. A durable battery is particularly advantageous on the move, freeing you from concerns of depleting power while you're out exploring.

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