Rosinbud M1 Rosin Press
Rosinbud M1 Rosin PressRosinbud M1 Rosin PressRosinbud M1 Rosin Press
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Product Features:
- Made of high-quality aerospace-grade aluminum and food-grade stainless steel
- Weighs 5 lbs
- 50°C to 150°C (122°F to 302°F) temperature range
- Platens heat up to 100°C (212°F) in 30 seconds
- Exerts pressure up to 1000 PSI
- Circular plates have a diameter of 7cm (2.75 inches), which is equivalent to 38.5sq cm (5.9sq in)
- Combine different ingredients in the Mini Pan to create your own masterpiece
- Shape your starting material with the Pre-Press for consistent results and superior yield
- Turn on "D Mode" to process the essential oil and infuse it with other herbs, spices, oils, or food

What's Included:
1 x M1 Rosin Press (#TX889)
1 x Pre-Press
1 x Mini Pan