Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Auto-Draw Vape Bar | Mist Series
Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Auto-Draw Vape Bar | Mist Series
Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Auto-Draw Vape Bar | Mist Series - Canadian Vaporizers

Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Auto-Draw Vape Bar | Mist Series

Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Auto-Draw Vape Bar | Mist Series

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Experience the gentle allure of rejuvenation. Feel the electrifying thrill as lightning charges the atmosphere or immerse in the symphony of a rejuvenated forest post-rain. Ascend to new heights for that invigorating fresh air, or let the alluring sound of a smooth hisssSS POP tantalize your senses.

Introducing the DL 2.0 Mist Series – our beloved 510 cartridge vaporizer, now elevated with a textured finish and a gradient shimmer. This adjustable voltage vape flaunts a discreet design, perfect for stealthy slips from your pocket for a momentary escape. Its auto-draw feature replicates the experience of a bar-style disposable vape, allowing you a seamless drag. Activating the unit and toggling between voltage modes is as intuitive as drawing from it. However, for those who favor manual command, a single-button interface is incorporated. An LED ring at the device's base displays the current voltage setting and power status, eliminating any conspicuous screens.

Though the revamped Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 might seem marginally bulkier than its predecessor, it's for a good reason. It's designed to accommodate a broader spectrum of 510 cartridges, ranging from 1mL to 2mL. Alongside, it houses a more robust battery, offering double the endurance of the original DL. This ensures extended sessions between recharges. An added 2.8V heating setting delivers cooler drags, resulting in more flavorful, misty exhalations from this compact vaporizer. Plus, its safety mechanism automatically cools after 10 seconds of activation, ensuring the longevity of your cartridges and a consistent temperature.

What's in the box?

  • 1 Pulsar 510 DL 2.0 Battery
  • 1 Bottom Magnetic Connector 2.0


  • 650mAh
  • Three voltage settings (2.8-3.8V)
  • Added button feature
  • Auto-draw cartridge vaporizer
  • Compact and discreet bar-style body
  • Fits most 510 carts, up to 2mL
  • USB-C charging (Charger not included)
  • Auto heat shut-off after 10 seconds of use
  • Multiple colors available

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