Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether - Canadian Vaporizers

Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether

Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether

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Puffco Peak Ball Cap

Looking for a more vapor-filled hit? Try the Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether! Made with unmatched attention to detail, this borosilicate glass cap is designed to create a directional airflow that allows you to consume every last drop of oil in your bowl for maximum vapor production! Not only does this make your stash last longer, but it also produces more vapor for an even smoother hit. 

The Puffco Peak Directional Carb Cap

The Peak Ball Ball Cap features a sleek design and its easy-to-use tether makes it a convenient and stylish accessory for any dabber on the go. Plus, with its durable glass construction, you can enjoy the benefits of the Peak Ball Cap for countless sessions to come.

So why settle for a mediocre dab experience when you can take it to the peak? Upgrade your setup with the Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether today and experience the ultimate in flavour, efficiency, and vapour production. It's the perfect addition to your arsenal of smoking gear and will surely become a staple in your collection.

Puffco - A Vaping Industry Leader 

Puffco has become synonymous with excellence in the cannabis industry. Founded in 2013 by CEO Roger Volodarsky, the company was born out of a desire to provide the best platform for extract consumption. 

Bringing together design, technology, and engineering, Puffco has created a range of vaporizers and accessories that offer clean, simple, and flavourful consumption experience. Puffco is committed to using no glues, fibers, or chemicals, and their dedication to quality has made them one of most awarded vaporizer companies in the industry. With industry-leading innovation done strictly in-house, Puffco is dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible vaping experience.

Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether INFO

The Peak Ball Cap & Tether consists of a borosilicate glass carb cap designed for 360º controllable airflow. By rotating the Ball Cap as you inhale, you ensure even heating and complete vaporization of your concentrate, resulting in larger hits and intensified flavor. It includes a tether for secure attachment to your chamber.

*Designed exclusively for use with the Peak device

Product Features:
- Borosilicate glass cap
- Creates directional airflow

What's Included:
1 x Peak Ball Cap & Tether

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