MouthPeace Starter Kit

MouthPeace Starter Kit

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Because smoking cannabis is a sharing experience, we pass joints, pipes, and bongs that have touched the lips of countless friends and strangers. To be honest that whole sharing thing can be kind of gross and that's why Moose Labs came up with the MouthPeace. The MouthPeace is a filter and personal mouthpiece for pipes and bongs. You even stick a blunt in if it's fat enough.

The Moose MouthPeace bong filter has a carbon filter disc on the inside that is replaceable. It reduces harshness and filters out a bunch of those gross combustibles that taste so bad and you don't want going into your lungs. Besides filtering, the MouthPeace covers the top of a pipe so you can use it instead of the germ covered surface that your friend just put their lips on.


- Starter kit includes 3 filters
- Tapered silicone body is easy to fit into most pipes
- Covers normal pipe mouthpiece for personal use
- Discourages the spread of germs
- Available in different colors
- Made by Moose Labs

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