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Dabatoke XL - Canadian Vaporizers

Dabatoke XL

Dabatoke XL

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    This product is anticipated to be available on 04/30/23. It is important to note that purchasers must be at least 18 years old. This device is specifically intended for "tobacco" use.

    Introducing the MegaToke Dabatoke XL, ideal for both Essential Oil and Dry Herb. This device is a lightweight, portable option for E-smoking, whether on the move or with a water pipe. It's easy to clean, robustly made, and impressively cool. The device functions on a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for a power outlet.

    We're excited to present the all-new DABATOKEXL, a response to demands for a more powerful unit. The ultimate smoker's accessory from MEGATOKE, it's suitable for Legal Herbs and Legal Oils.

    Features of the DABATOKEXL include:

    • Dual Battery and System Chamber
    • Enlarged Chamber for Oil and Dry Herb
    • Butane-Free
    • Rechargeable and Windproof
    • Discreet, Portable Design
    • Smart Charger and Batteries
    • Easy-to-Clean, Detachable Parts
    • Classy, Durable, and Stylish
    • One-Piece Mouthpiece
    • Dual Coil System for simultaneous use with dry herbs and Essential Oils
    • Dual Automatic Ceramic Plunger for Tobacco

    The kit includes:

    • 2 Quartz-wrapped Coils for Enhanced Smoke Production from Essential Oils
    • 4 Coils for Optimal Flavor and Smoke Production from Dry Herbs
    • DABATOKEXL Storage Case
    • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
    • Efest Smart Battery Charger
    • Mouthpiece, Water Pipe Adapter, Cleaning Brush, Oil Tool, Instructions, and a Gift Box

    Please be aware that this item is for users aged 18 and over. Do not mix different batteries with this device as it can lead to injury or damage, for which we are not liable. We strongly recommend using only the battery and charger provided in this kit. The use of non-standard heating coils is not advised and can cause injury or damage; only the coils included in the kit should be used with this unit.

    All sales are final, with no refunds. We advise testing the device before use to ensure proper functioning, as we do not offer exchanges for used units. Please note that the Megatoke is a combustion device. We DROPSHIP this device from the Manufacture in the U.S.

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