Dab Bot E-Nail Kit
Dab Bot E-Nail Kit
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The Dab Bot E-Nail features the industry’s only timing function, which keeps users much safer for daily dabbers. The Dab Bot E-Nail also features high quality hybrid Titanium/Quartz Nail for optimal flavour in a matter of seconds. Real-time temperature control allows the device to reach a varying temperature range of 0°F – 999°F. The oversized HD display makes reading and changing temperature much easier. Small (4.3″ tall by 2.0″ wide), durable and easy to use.

The Kit Includes:
1 x Dab Bot e-nail controller
1 x Hybrid Titanium Nail with Quarts Dish
1 x Carb Cap & Dab Tool
1 x Power cord
1 x Heater Cord & Coil
1 x Bi-lingual compliant user manual
1 x Bi-lingual compliant box

Precise temperature control
Small, durable and easy to use
Optimal flavour hits with hybrid ti/quartz mail
Varying temperature of 0°F – 999°F
Heating faster within 30 seconds warm up
Timer function (automatic power off)
Designed for essential oils and concentrates