CCell Sandwave | Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery

CCell Sandwave | Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery

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CCell Sandwave | Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery

Dive into the pinnacle of seamless vaping with Sandwave. With its state-of-the-art draw-to-activate mechanism, Sandwave bypasses the need for button presses, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience. Just breathe in, and Sandwave swiftly springs to action, converting your cherished oil into luscious, velvety vapour brimming with taste. Coupled with a straightforward slide switch, Sandwave boasts three temperature settings meticulously crafted to elevate both flavour intensity and strength.

  • Slide switch for three temperature options (2.8V/3.2V/3.6V)

  • Magnetic drop-in connector compatible with 510 thread cartridges

  • LED status indicator

  • Activation upon inhalation

  • USB-C charge capability

  • Comfortable silicone wave grip design.

Tailored Temperatures, Peerless Performance Step up your vaping game with Sandwave, the vanguard of vape batteries. Intuitively designed with a slide switch, it showcases three temperature settings meticulously calibrated to amplify both taste and strength. Whether you're after profound flavors, robust hits, or an equilibrium of both, Sandwave pledges a superior vaping session each time. • 2.8V: Flavor at its pinnacle • 3.2V: The sweet spot of balance • 3.6V: Vapor at its densest

The Pinnacle of Comfort Wave goodbye to unease and welcome an unparalleled vaping comfort! Sandwave boasts a tactile silicone wave grip alongside its sleek profile, making it a snug fit in your palm. Its ergonomic design ensures each breath is pure pleasure.

A Symphony of Style Embark on a voyage of vividness with Sandwave's enchanting color spectrum. From the classic allure of midnight black to the invigorating shades of mint green, marine green, tropical yellow, lavender, and coral pink, there's a hue for every temperament. Dive into a vivid kaleidoscope and let Sandwave be an extension of your unique flair!

Simplicity Meets Serenity Savor the zenith of effortless vaping with Sandwave. Outfitted with cutting-edge draw-to-activate mechanics, Sandwave eradicates the fuss of button presses. Just take a breath, and Sandwave springs into action, converting your chosen oil into a flavorful, velvety vapor.

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