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Puffco Peak Pro Oculus Carb Cap

Puffco Peak Pro Oculus Carb Cap

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The Puffco Oculus carb cap offers you a clear view into your chamber, allowing you to witness the magic happening inside. With its secure press-fit connection, it stays firmly in place within the Puffco Peak Pro chamber, ensuring that your carb cap and oil remain exactly where they should be. Additionally, it incorporates a directional air-path design to optimize vapor production.

*Only intended for use with Peak Pro and New Peak Pro

Product Features:
- Viewing window
- Press-fit connection
- Directional air path

What's Included:
1 x Peak Pro Carb Cap 

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Enhancing Your Dabbing Experience with the Puffco Peak Pro Oculus Carb Cap

The Puffco Peak Pro Oculus Carb Cap is an essential accessory for your Peak Pro device, designed to securely keep your wax in place. It features a silicone attachment that snugly fits into the chamber, ensuring that both the cap and your wax remain exactly where they need to be, preventing any spillage.

Visualize the Vaping Process

Not only does the Oculus Carb Cap keep your wax safe, but it also enhances your vaping experience by allowing you to watch your vapor as it forms. Equipped with a transparent glass window, this cap lets you observe the transformation inside your vape, adding an interactive element to your session.

Optimized Flavor and Vapor Production

This carb cap isn't just about functionality—it's also about enhancing your vaping pleasure. It expertly directs the airflow within the chamber, increasing vapor production and significantly improving the flavor of your dabs. This optimized airflow ensures a richer, more satisfying dabbing experience.

User-Friendly Design

Designed with ease of use in mind, the Oculus Carb Cap is comfortable to hold and manipulate. It includes a specifically designed resting place for your finger, which provides superior grip and control during use, making your sessions smooth and enjoyable.