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The Customer is King (or Queen!)

At Canadian Vaporizers, we're proud to provide a seamless customer experience that will have you coming back for more. We have water bongs from brands such as Red Eye Tek, whose products live at the intersection of technical glass design and aesthetic art pieces. As they say, their bongs aren't just water pipes, they're High Performance Leisure Devices!

Our online smoke shop also carry pieces from similarly named Red Eye Glass, whose pieces are both effective and stylish, some of the most unique designs in Canada. Or, add some Cheech and Chong or GEAR glass bongs to your collection, whose pieces range from a relatively small 7" all the way up to the more elongated 18" versions. And of course, don't check out before adding in some great accessories to you cart! We've got carb caps, bangers, weed bowls and pipes, grinders, odor control solutions, rolling trays, clothing, edibles and much more!

Top Quality Products

For top-tier quality, selection and prices you can't find anywhere else online, fill your cart with smoking goodies from Canadian Vaporizers! Our water bongs, accessories and other products are the gift that keeps giving year after year, and we're never out of stock. For the best online headshop in Canada, as well as access to the most premium service around, choose us. You won't regret it!

And don't forget, we're always adding new products to our stock of smoke shop options. If, however, you see that we don't carry certain of your favorites, then we would love it if you would contact us and let us know. For us, the customer's experience is always our number one concern, and so if we can improve our list of accessories or brand options on offer, then we're happy to do our best to fulfill those desires. To get a complete idea of what we have available for sale, check out the options below. And of course, thank you in advance for shopping with us! At Canadian Vaporizers, we're proud to be your favourite online headshop in Canada.