Puffco Plus Vape Pen

Puffco Plus Vape Pen

Puffco Plus Vape Pen

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Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus Information

Puffco Plus

If you’re always on the go and consider yourself a dedicated connoisseur of vaping, the Puffco Plus is for you.

Never get sticky concentrates on your fingers or clothes again! Featuring the Puffco Plus wax pen with its famous loading tool built right into its mouthpiece! It has a long battery life for such a thin vaporizer and consistent vapor production. With three temperature settings, ultimate control is in your hands.


The Puffco Plus was designed with a coil-less ceramic heating atomizer that will make your concentrates EXPLODE with flavor and a high vapor quality! It evenly heats your concentrates and the coil-less ceramic bowl chamber’s bucket design protects your wax from direct heat.

The Puffco Plus vape pen features three distinct preset heating temperatures, allowing you to personalize your vaporizing session. To determine your heating temperature, the Puffco Plus has an LED light built into its power button. Click the power button three times quickly to change temperatures and hold the button down and inhale on the mouthpiece to take a hit.

LED light indicators:

  • Green: 304°C
  • Blue: 343°C
  • White: 382°C


The Puffco Plus was designed with a built-in USB rechargeable 520mah battery. It has 15% better life than its predecessor. The battery can be fully charged in 45 minutes and an average battery life of about 45-60 minutes of continuous use.

Sesh Mode

The Puffco Plus features a 12-second continuous heat mode called Sesh Mode. To activate this mode, press the power button quickly two times. This mode will give you a full medicated dose and let you vape with friends.


The Puffco Plus is to be used with Concentrates.

  • 45 Minute Charge Time
  • 40+ Minutes of continuous use

The Plus is covered for 1 year under the Puffco warranty.

  • Coil-less ceramic bowl
  • Built in extendable loading tool
  • Built in carb cap
  • 3 heat settings
  • Sesh-mode functionality
  • Fast charging and long battery life
  • Precision machined alloy housing
  • Fingerprint resistant coating
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