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Whether you use cannabis for medical or recreational purposes, you are probably aware of the practice of vaping. Also known as vaporizing, vaping is an alternative way of inhaling cannabis to achieve the desired effect. Other than its appearance, the crucial difference between vaping and smoking is that vaporizers heat dry herbs and oils while cigarettes require the combustion of dry herbs; therefore, the product of a vaporizer is an aerosol (or vapour) as opposed to smoke. This tiny difference in a vaporizer’s mechanics makes it a much safer, more pleasurable, and healthier option than rolled marijuana cigarettes.

 But don’t take our word for it! Here are the benefits of vaping for medical cannabis, courtesy of Canadian Vaporizers

Better for Your Lungs

It’s a fact: smoking kills. According to theWorld Health Organization, over 8 million people die every year from smoking. While this statistic applies to tobacco smokers, it’s important to realize that the smoke itself is a major irritant to your mouth, throat, and lungs, so whether you’re smoking tobacco or marijuana, you’re still exposing your body to tar and carcinogens, like benzoprene and benzanthracene.

Inhaling marijuana from a vaporizer exposes you to far fewer chemicals because there is no smoke involved. For a cleaner experience, vaping is superior.

Taste the Terpenes

Vaping enhances the taste of marijuana because it’s gently heated by the atomizer. Like a slow-cooked roast compared to a charred steak, the process of heating the dry herb maintains the flavors, which makes for a more enjoyable experience with nuanced tastes that are largely determined by the cannabis strain’s terpenes—things we barely even considered before vaping introduced us to them.

 According to Medical Jane:

 The cannabis plant consists of a wide variety of chemicals and compounds. About 140 of these belong to a large class of aromatic organic hydrocarbons known as terpenes (pronounced tur-peens)… Terpenes are synthesized in cannabis in secretory cells inside glandular trichomes, and production is increased with light exposure… The essential oil is extracted from the plant material by steam distillation or vaporization… Terpenes are common constituents of flavorings and fragrances. Terpenes, unlike cannabinoids, are responsible for the aroma of cannabis.

 Terpenes are not just found in cannabis, but in many other plants. Terpenes are found in rosemary, lemons, lavender, pine, mint, basil, orchids, nutmeg, and many, many more plants. Strains of cannabis share the same terpenes as these plants, which lends to their subtle flavorings. 

A More Palatable Experience

One benefit of vaping that smoking simply cannot compete with is how much more enjoyable the experience is—for everyone. Aerosol doesn’t leave behind a sticky trail of nicotine and chemicals on your walls, and it doesn’t produce a heavy lingering smell. Unlike cigarette smoke, vapor dissipates completely and swiftly, so you’re free to smoke indoors without leaving any odor behind.

 It doesn’t matter if you’re smoking a paper-wrapped joint or a store-bought tobacco cigarette, inhaling any smoke exposes your lungs to harmful carcinogens, something that vaping—by virtue of non-combustion—simply doesn’t produce. Therefore, vaping marijuana is much safer to breathe in second-hand than cigarette smoke.

 Keep in mind that the same rules apply for vaping as they do for smoking when it comes to use in public buildings. While there are far fewer chemicals exposed to the air, provincial governments have banned the use of vaporizers in most public spaces. Be sure to check with your municipal laws regarding vaping as well.

Are E-Cigarettes Better for You Than Regular Cigarettes?

The short answer is, yes. Vaping nicotine is much healthier than smoking nicotine, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take necessary precautions before vaping or using any other nicotine product. Unlike vaping, cigarettes require combustion. Smoke inhalation draws over 7,000 toxic carcinogens into the lungs and bloodstream, including deadly formaldehyde, tar, arsenic, and carbon monoxide. While the aerosol inhalation from vaping isn’t 100% chemical-free, it is perhaps 95% less harmful than cigarette smoking.


Because vapes are safer than cigarettes, many medical experts suggest switching to vaping to get your nicotine fix. But keep in mind that nicotine itself still comes with its own health problems. The side effects of nicotine in the body include:

  •  An increased risk of dangerous blood clots
  • An enlarged aorta
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Gastrointestinal upsets
  • Increased blood pressure
  • An increased risk of stroke

Switching to vaping is a great start, but consider lowering your dose of nicotine in your e-juice to wean yourself off nicotine altogether.

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