How Do You Smoke Wax Weed?

There are a number of different ways to smoke cannabis concentrates, like shatter or marijuana wax, without a rig. But smoking a cannabis concentrate without the right setup is a bit like trying to enjoy a gourmet meal without plates or cutlery… You might succeed, but you’ll probably make a mess of things and you won’t be able to enjoy the experience as it was intended. 

These days, wax vaporizers, dab rigs and vape pens are more accessible and more affordable than ever before, so if you want to expand your cannabis horizons, there’s nothing stopping you from getting the best gear to go with your cannabis concentrates. 

What’s the Difference Between Cannabis Wax, Shatter, and Other Concentrates?

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In the ever expanding world of cannabis products, the number of marijuana concentrates and derivatives seems to be growing on a daily basis. But, for all the names you might hear on the street, concentrates of different kinds have more in common than their names suggest. 

The vast majority of cannabis concentrates, such as weed wax, shatter, crumble, budder and others, are forms of hydrocarbon extracts, usually butane hash oil (BHO). 

Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis oils come in a variety of strengths and chemical makeups. As both an end product for consumption and the raw material for many solid concentrates, they can be either CBD or THC dominant. They can be refined using a variety of extraction methods to become shatter, wax, or something in between. 

For anyone looking for the easiest ways to smoke a cannabis concentrate product, the place to start is with a vape pen designed for use with preloaded cannabis oil capsules. Similar to e-cigarettes, vape pens are highly portable, easy to use and affordable. 

Shatter Concentrates & Wax Concentrates 

Shatter wax is widely regarded as the purest cannabis concentrate thanks to its smooth, glassy appearance. Shatter looks the way it does, not necessarily because it is of the greatest strength, but because of a production method that starts with transparent oils and controls heat and moisture with great precision. 

Sometimes, attempts to create shatter yield concentrates known as sap, budder, crumble, or honeycomb, all of which fall under the banner of cannabis wax. These concentrates lose their transparency after extraction because the agitation leads their hash oil molecules to crystallize in ways that do not reflect or refract light in the same way. 

Dab Rig Tools & Setup

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Whether you get your hands on wax, shatter or a similar cannabis extract, here is a complete list of dab tools that you will need to get the most out of your dab rig.

Dab Nail

When choosing a dab nail, make sure to get the right size (it corresponds to the size of the stem on your wax vaporizer) and the right type (you will need a male nail for a female dab rig attachment, for example), as this is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. It functions just like the bowl on a bong, it is where you apply and heat your cannabis concentrate. 

Dabber Tool

Dabber tools can be made from metal, glass or ceramic, and they come in many shapes and sizes. The ideal shape for your needs depends on the texture and consistency of your concentrate. 

Blow Torch

Unless you have an e-nail (e-nails are dab nails that heats themselves), you will need a small blow torch or a powerful butane lighter to heat your concentrate. 

Carb Cap

Carb caps  serve to lower the temperature range at which your bads will vaporize by trapping heat. They can be made from titanium, quartz or glass and come in several different styles, including bubblers and directional carb caps, which aid the dab process in different ways. 

Dab Mat

A robust place mat is helpful to keep other areas clean and free from stick concentrate residue. 


Not absolutely necessary, but a timer can be helpful to ensure that your nail is heated consistently. 

Ready, Set, Dab!

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Once all your equipment is in place:

  1. Take a seat and heat the nail using your torch until the nail becomes red hot
  2. Once it reaches the right colour, turn off the torch and let it cool for 10-45 seconds before applying your dab
  3. Using your dab tool, apply a small amount of concentrate to the dab nail 
  4. Start inhaling slowly and cover your dab with your card cab to help regulate airflow
  5. Exhale
  6. Enjoy the effects and wait (the amount of time is up to you…) before repeating!

Remember: When You Smoke Wax, a Little Bit Goes a Long Way…

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Cannabis extracts can be found in a wide variety of concentrations. If you are accustomed to smoking marijuana buds, reset your expectations for sizing because extracts are far more powerful than raw plant material. 

Because every person is affected differently by THC and CBD, dabbing results can vary significantly. A good guideline is to start with the smallest possible dab for your dab tool, so you can get a baseline for your concentrate. 

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