Best Cannabis Concentrates To Use With A Dab Vaporizers

Concentrates are like the top tier, super-charged versions of your regular nug of weed. These babies pack a punch with all the good stuff from the cannabis plant - we're talking cannabinoids and terpenes crammed into a tiny, mighty mass. Rather than exhausting your lungs smoking a joint or taking a bong hoot. Take a small/medium hit of concentrates and you'll have the same high way faster!

Be careful though, the THC concentrations sometimes quadrupling what you'd find in your top-shelf flower. If you are a beginner stoner, you'd like your first dab to be smaller than a grain of rice. When it comes to packaging, concentrate, it might throw you off a bit. They either come in a tiny container, kind of like what you'd see for lip balm. Or sometimes, they come in a sleek, flat shiny plastic bag.

COMPARING: Shatter | Wax | Live Resin | Budder / Diamonds

Cannabis Shatter

Shatter's the hard-hitter, the glass-like, super-pure stuff. It's more potent than wax or budder, but not as intense as diamonds. Consume some shatter with the New Puffco Peak Pro Dab Vaporizer and receive a clean, sharp high with a clear taste. Shatter's for when you want a strong, straightforward hit

Cannabis Wax

Wax is like the chill, laid-back buddy in the concentrate family. It's gooey, easy to handle, and perfect for a smooth session with the Puffco Proxy Handheld Dab Vaporizer. With a creamy texture, it's less intense than shatter but packs more flavor than diamonds. Ideal for a steady, enjoyable high, it's like the comfort food of concentrates.

Cannabis Live Resin

Live resin is all about that fresh-from-the-plant taste. Made from fresh, frozen plants, it keeps all the terpenes intact. Consume Live Resin with the New Puffco Plus or any Puffco Device and receive a more nuanced, aromatic experience than wax or budder. It's less about the intensity of the high and more about savoring the plant's true flavor.

Cannabis Budder

Budder's the cool, creamy cousin of wax, with a softer, more spreadable texture. It is Canadian Vaporizers go-to for a flavorful experience in a Puffco Dab Vaporizer. A bit less potent than diamonds but more intense than live resin, budder strikes a sweet balance between strength and taste. It's for when you want that rich, full-bodied flavor hit.


Diamonds are the show-offs – pure, potent, and pretty intense. They're THC crystals, basically the essence of the plant's power. Diamonds deliver a super strong high, way more than budder or wax. Best for experienced users, they're like the luxury vehicle of concentrates. Try Diamonds with a Puffco Dab Vaporizer.


Each of these concentrates has its own extraction method, which plays a crucial role in the final texture, potency, and flavor profile. Wax and budder are known for their BHO (Butane Hash Oil) extraction, ensuring a creamy and rich outcome. Diamonds, with their high THC content, often come from a careful crystallization process. Live resin's extraction involves flash-freezing the plant material, preserving its terpenes and cannabinoids in their most natural state. Shatter is also a product of BHO extraction but undergoes additional processing to achieve its glass-like clarity.

When choosing a concentrate, consider your experience level, desired intensity, and flavor preference. Devices like the New Puffco Peak Pro, New Puffco Plus and Puffco Proxy are excellent for exploring these varieties, as they can handle different textures and potentcies, offering a tailored vaping experience. Whether you're in for a gentle ride with wax or a escalated experience with diamonds, there's a concentrate to match every mood and moment.