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Furna Vaporizer
Furna Vaporizer - Canadian Vaporizers
Furna Vaporizer - Canadian Vaporizers
Furna Vaporizer - Canadian Vaporizers

Furna Vaporizer

Furna Vaporizer

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Incredibly smooth and flavourful vapor! Customize the color of your nibs, and oven symbols! The Furna Vaporizer is comes with 2 dry herb ovens that you can swap in seconds.  Pre-load them before so you don't have to mess with ground herb while you're out. Like concentrates?  We've got you covered. Our accessory concentrate oven (sold separately) swaps in instantly and heats your concentrate directly on a ceramic heater. It takes seconds to swap pre-packed ovens allowing you to switch flavors when you want, and share the experience wherever you are. No hassle to clean, no problem to keep discreet.

When you're ready to go, flip the oven to keep your mouthpiece completely protected from pocket lint. 

Comes with 2 Dry herb ovens and all the accessories you need.  Concentrate ovens sold separately. 

Ovens Give you Options

The Furna ovens give you the flexibility to swap instantly between different kinds of herbs, or to your favorite concentrate in seconds. Customize your nib colors and display symbols to suit your mood, or keep track of which ones have your bed time herb ready to go!

Ready When You Are

The Furna Vaporizer heats up quickly and has a built-in timer to let the heat soak into your herb to get you the best first draw. Pre-pack ovens for instant swapping, and no messing with loose herb on the go.

Get the Most out of Every Session

Pick your ideal temperature in 5 degree increments from 180-215C. Hold the button to boost the temperature another 10C (20F) to extract every last bit of goodness out the dry herb ovens.

The Choice is Yours

Our adjustable warming idle give you the control.  Keep it on high to let you jump back in quickly from idle, or turn it off to conserve your herb and concentrates. 

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Furna Vaporizer: A Great Vaping Experience Now Available at Canadian Vaporizers

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Introduction to Furna Vaporizer

Canadian Vaporizers is proud to introduce the Furna Vaporizer, a cutting-edge solution to portable vaporization that stands out with its innovative design. Furna is designed to cater to both dry herb and concentrate enthusiasts with a unique system of interchangeable ovens. This vaporizer is perfect for those who value speed, ease, and efficiency in their vaping routine.

Unique Interchangeable Ovens

Furna’s standout feature is its interchangeable ovens. This unique design allows users to swap ovens in seconds—whether you're changing flavors or switching from dry herb to concentrates, the transition is seamless. Each oven is pre-packable, meaning you can prepare several sessions in advance, enhancing the convenience of your vaping experience.

Efficient and User-Friendly Design

Designed with the user in mind, the Furna Vaporizer offers a hassle-free experience. It heats up in just 20 to 30 seconds and is incredibly easy to clean. Its discreet nature makes it ideal for those who need to vape on the go without drawing attention.

Optimal Temperature Control

The Furna Vaporizer allows for precise temperature adjustments between 320°F and 420°F (160°C to 215°C), enabling users to customize their vaping experience based on their personal preference and the specific characteristics of the herb or concentrate.

Robust Battery Life

Equipped with a 3500 mAh battery, the Furna ensures that you can enjoy between 15 to 20 sessions on a single charge. This robust battery life is perfect for extended outings, ensuring that your device is ready whenever you are.

Customization and Accessibility

The Furna Vaporizer not only promises performance but also offers customization. You can choose from different colored nibs, unique sticker wraps, and display icons to personalize your device. Additionally, concentrate ovens and other accessories are available separately, providing further flexibility in how you use your vaporizer.

Why Choose Furna Vaporizer at Canadian Vaporizers

Canadian Vaporizers offers the Furna Vaporizer as part of our commitment to providing innovative and high-quality vaping solutions across Canada. Our customers benefit from our expert support, extensive product knowledge, and dedication to satisfaction. Whether you are a seasoned vaper or new to the scene, the Furna Vaporizer offers a versatile and fulfilling vaping experience, backed by our reliable customer service. The Furna Vaporizer redefines flexibility and convenience in vaping, making it a standout choice for those seeking a robust, efficient, and adaptable device. Available now at Canadian Vaporizers, this vaporizer is your ticket to a next-level vaping experience. Embrace the future of vaping with Furna, where technology meets user-centric design for ultimate satisfaction.

Furna Weed Vaporizer

Experience an exceptionally smooth and rich vapor with the Furna Vaporizer. This innovative device includes two interchangeable dry herb ovens, allowing you to effortlessly switch between them in mere seconds. Pre-load your ovens for convenience, and change flavors at your leisure. It's user-friendly, simple to maintain, and offers a discreet vaping experience. Personalize your device with a variety of options, such as colorful nibs, distinctive sticker wraps, diverse display icons, or consider adding a Concentrate Oven, available for separate purchase


Pick your ideal temperature in 5 degree increments from 180-215C. Hold the button to boost the temperature another 10C (20F) to extract every last bit of goodness out the dry herb ovens.

Furna Weed Vaporizer FAQ

  • Furna Vaporizer
  • 2 Dry Herb Ovens
  • Black Nib
  • Purple Nib
  • Funnel
  • Silicone Cover
  • Multitool
  • USB Cord
  • Brush
  • Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 3 Nib Screens
  • 3 Oven Screens

The Furna Vaporizer can be used with Herbs. If you would like to use concentrates their is a concentrate oven add on.

It takes just seconds to switch between ovens in the Furna Vaporizer. The design allows for rapid swapping, making it effortless to change flavors or switch from dry herb to concentrates, depending on your preference.

You can purchase the Furna Vaporizer through Canadian Vaporizers. We offer a wide range of Furna products along with expert advice and support. Visit our website or contact our customer service to learn more about our products and make your purchase. We provide comprehensive service and support across Canada, ensuring you get the best possible vaping experience with every purchase.

The Furna Vaporizer's battery supports between 15 to 20 sessions on a full charge, depending on usage patterns and temperature settings. Its 3500 mAh battery capacity ensures extended use, making it ideal for both short and long vaping sessions.

The Furna Vaporizer heats up quickly, requiring only about 20 to 30 seconds to reach the desired temperature. This quick heat-up time ensures you can start your vaping session almost immediately after turning on the device.

Yes, the Furna Vaporizer is versatile and can be used with concentrates. While it comes standard with dry herb ovens, you can purchase a separate concentrate oven or a 510 oven to use with different types of concentrates, enhancing its flexibility.