Firefly 2+ (PLUS)
Firefly 2+ (PLUS)Firefly 2+ (PLUS)Firefly 2+ (PLUS)Firefly 2+ (PLUS)Firefly 2+ (PLUS)Firefly 2+ (PLUS)Firefly 2+ (PLUS)

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The Firefly 2+ is designed for people who love vaporizing herbs. It's dynamic convection heating technology allows you to get the most use out of your herbs possible leaving no waste. As well as delivering tasty vapor is just 3 seconds. 

The FireFly 2+ is the first ever vaporizer designed with dynamic heating, this allows your device to heat up in temperature automatically while your taking a draw making the device stay perfectly at your selected temperature.

The Firefly 2+ comes with one Lithium Ion 7.4 770mAh 5.7Wh battery with upgraded firmware which has increased the battery life. The battery is the same as the original FireFly 2 so if you have accessories for the device you can continue to use them with the Firefly 2+. Averagely the battery will last for 5-8 sessions depending on your heating level and you will receive 4-8 hits each session. To fully charge the battery will averagely take about 1.5-2 hours, but if you are in a hurry and only charge the battery for 45 minutes you can get a couple sessions out of it. 

The Firefly 2+ has a free App's for the iPhone and Android. Pairing the device to the app is quick and painless. They have made it very easy to change temperatures and check your battery life in seconds. Also no need to worry about updating your FireFly 2+ to the newest firmware because it will do it automatically.  

  • 1 Firefly 2+ Vaporizer 
  • 1 Battery 
  • 1 Charging Dock 
  • 1 USB 3.0 Cable 
  • 1 Concentrate Pad 
  • 3 Alcohol Wipes

Concentrate Or Herbal? Both
Size? Height: 1" | Length: 5.1" | Width: 1.4" 
Conduction Or Convection? Convection
Chamber Capacity? 0.1g - 0.4g 
Medical Grade? Yes

 The FireFly 2 + comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply take the device apart, and clean all non-electronic parts with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Rinse all non-electric items with water to remove all traces of the alcohol. Then allow everything to dry completely and you're ready for a session.

The FireFly 2+ includes a 2 year limited warranty. 

This Limited Warranty will be considered null and void if it is determined that the Firefly Plus device is malfunctioning is a result of one or more of the following acts:(a) damage caused by operating the Firefly Plus in a manner outside of what is recommended or permitted and as described in the user manual;(b) damage caused by product neglect, including the failure to maintain a proper cleaning regimen;(c) damage caused by disassembling, manipulating or altering the device in any way or attempting your own repairs;(d) damage to the cosmetic appearance of the Firefly Plus Vaporizer, including, but not limited to scratches, dents, chipped or broken off parts;(e) damage to the Firefly Plus Vaporizer caused by misuse, abuse, theft, natural disasters or any other external causes.(f) any failure to follow the Safety Instructions provided with this product

All warranty claims will need to be processed through the FireFly website. FireFly averagely takes 3-7 days to fix or replace your device.

Firefly 2+ Vaporizer


Firefly 2+ (Plus) Battery