FIREFLY 2+ - Canadian Vaporizers
FIREFLY 2+ - Canadian Vaporizers
FIREFLY 2+ - Canadian Vaporizers
FIREFLY 2+ - Canadian Vaporizers
FIREFLY 2+ - Canadian Vaporizers
FIREFLY 2+ - Canadian Vaporizers



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The Firefly 2+ is expertly crafted for herb vaporizing enthusiasts. Its dynamic convection heating technology maximizes the use of your herbs, ensuring no waste while delivering delicious vapor in just 3 seconds.

Heating System

The Firefly 2+ introduces dynamic heating, a first in vaporizer design. This innovative feature automatically adjusts the temperature during a draw, maintaining the perfect level for your selected setting.

Upgraded Airflow

Enjoy 33% more airflow with the Firefly 2+ compared to its predecessor, the original Firefly 2. This enhancement allows for easier breathing and larger, more satisfying hits.

Battery Life

Equipped with a Lithium Ion 7.4 770mAh 5.7Wh battery, the Firefly 2+ boasts improved battery life thanks to upgraded firmware. Compatible with the original Firefly 2 accessories, it offers 5-8 sessions per charge, with 4-8 hits each. Charging takes approximately 1.5-2 hours, but a quick 45-minute charge can provide enough power for a few sessions.

App Integration

The Firefly 2+ has user-friendly apps for both iPhone and Android. Pairing with the app is quick and allows easy temperature adjustments and battery life monitoring. Firmware updates are automatic, ensuring your device is always up-to-date.


Maintaining the Firefly 2+ is simple and efficient. Regular cleaning after each use ensures optimal performance. Disassemble non-electronic parts for cleaning with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol, then rinse with water and allow to dry completely.

Common Questions

  • Usage: Suitable for both Concentrates and Herbs.
  • Warranty: 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Size: 129mm x 36mm (5.1" x 1.4").
  • Heating Method: Convection.
  • Chamber Capacity: 0.1g to 0.5g.
  • Medical Grade: Yes, it meets medical-grade standards.

What's in the Firefly 2+ Box?

  • Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
  • 1 Battery
  • Charging Dock
  • USB 3.0 Cable
  • 1 Concentrate Pad
  • 3 Alcohol Wipes
  • Firefly 2+ Vaporizer Parts

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