Cheech And Chong | 15" Parked Beaker Tube - Canadian Vaporizers
Cheech And Chong | 15" Parked Beaker Tube - Canadian Vaporizers

Cheech And Chong | 15" Parked Beaker Tube

Cheech And Chong | 15" Parked Beaker Tube

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Cheech Chong Glass 15" 'Parked' Beaker Tube: A Timeless Classic

“We think we're parked, man... what was in that stuff?” The answer is the iconic and functional Cheech and Chong Glass 15" 'Parked' Beaker Tube. This 100% borosilicate glass bong features a Cheech & Chong™ signature decal and iconic original artwork that captures the essence of stoner culture. 

Dude, we're pretty sure we've found a spot... but seriously, what was in that stuff? Well, it's made from 100% borosilicate glass, adorned with a Cheech & Chong® signature decal, and features the legendary original artwork. You've never encountered a bong quite like this one in your life!

Unmatched Quality and Durability

When it comes to quality and durability, the Cheech Chong Glass 15 Parked Beaker Tube is second to none. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this bong can withstand high temperatures and resist cracks, making it a reliable and life-long addition to your collection.

Smooth and Easy Hits

The beaker base and straight tube design of the Cheech and Chong Glass 15" 'Parked' Beaker Tube provide a smooth and easy smoking experience. The ice pinch allows you to add ice for an even cooler hit, while the 15-inch height provides ample space for a big hit without being too bulky.

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Product Features:
- 100% borosilicate glass
- Cheech & Chong Glass decal
- Iconic artwork

What's Included:
1 x 15" Parked Beaker Tube 
1 x 14mm Classic Pull-Out 
1 x 140mm Flush Mount Diffuser Downstem 
1 x Cheech & Chong Glass Box

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