Storz & Bickel's Crafty+ vs. Mighty+: A Comprehensive Comparison

7 mai 2024


When it comes to portable vaporizers, Storz & Bickel sets the gold standard with their renowned devices, the Crafty+ and Mighty+. Known for their robust design, efficient vapor production, and reliable performance, these vaporizers are popular among enthusiasts. Both devices have traveled with me on countless adventures, offering remarkable durability and consistently high performance. In this article, we delve into a comprehensive comparison of the Crafty+ and Mighty+, highlighting their features, usability, and overall value, helping you decide which vaporizer aligns best with your lifestyle.

Crafty+ vs. Mighty+ Overview

Both the Crafty+ and Mighty+ are the latest iterations of Storz & Bickel’s initial portable vaporizer lineup introduced in 2014. These devices have undergone significant improvements over the years, influenced largely by community feedback and technological advancements. Here’s a quick overview before we dive deeper:

  • Crafty+ Vaporizer:

    • Manufacturer: Storz and Bickel
    • Materials: Dry Herbs and Concentrates
    • Temp Range: 104°F – 410°F
    • Heating: Hybrid
    • Battery Life: 4 Bowls Avg
    • Charging Type: USB-C
    • Warranty: 2 + 1
    • Extras: Smartphone APP
  • Mighty+ Vaporizer:

    • Manufacturer: Storz and Bickel
    • Materials: Dry Herbs and Concentrates
    • Temp Range: 104°F – 410°F
    • Heating: Hybrid
    • Battery Life: 6-8 Bowls Avg
    • Charging Type: USB-C
    • Warranty: 2 + 1
    • Extras: Smartphone APP
    • **More suitable for longer sessions and group scenarios due to its enhanced battery life and size.
Mighty+ Storz And Bickel

Design and Portability

The Crafty+ is notably smaller and more discreet than the Mighty+. Measuring just 4.3 inches tall, 2.2 inches deep, and 1.3 inches wide, and weighing about 135 grams, it’s incredibly portable and easy to conceal in a pocket or a hoodie. This makes the Crafty+ ideal for on-the-go use, especially in settings where discretion is key.

Conversely, the Mighty+ stands taller and bulkier at 5.5 inches tall, 3.2 inches wide, and 1.2 inches deep, weighing around 230 grams. Due to its size, the Mighty+ is better suited for home use or situations where carrying a larger bag is feasible.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery performance significantly differentiates the two vaporizers. The Crafty+ offers about four to six 10-12 minute sessions per charge, which is decent but not stellar. It supports pass-through charging but requires about 20% battery to start heating. On the other hand, the Mighty+ excels with an average of eight full sessions before needing a recharge, and it supports partial pass-through charging from the get-go. Both units now benefit from USB-C charging, enhancing their compatibility with external power sources.

Crafty+ Canada

Heating and Temperature Control

Both models employ a hybrid heating system, but the Mighty+ heats up faster (about 60 seconds to reach 356°F) compared to the Crafty+ (about 75 seconds). This makes the Mighty+ more suitable for users who prefer quick session starts and more robust draws, particularly in colder environments.

Ease of Use and Control

The Mighty+ boasts an LED display for precise temperature and battery control, enhancing its user-friendliness, especially for less experienced users. The Crafty+, while equipped with a single-button control system and a smartphone app (now available via a web app for iOS users), relies on more minimalistic feedback systems, which could be a hurdle for those preferring more direct control options.

Vapor Quality and Experience

Both vaporizers are known for their excellent vapor quality, combining convection and conduction heating to ensure flavorful and effective extraction. The vapor paths and chamber sizes are identical, with the Mighty+ offering a slightly cooler vapor experience due to its larger cooling unit.

Crafty+ Canada

Final Thoughts

Choosing between the Crafty+ and Mighty+ ultimately depends on personal preferences and specific needs. The Crafty+ excels in portability and discretion, making it ideal for personal use and travel.