XVape Vista迷你
XVape Vista迷你

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The Vista Mini is the smaller version of the Vista, this tiny concentrate vaporizer produces rig like hits with a press of a button! Enjoy a effortless and tasty session anytime of the day!

The XVape Vista Mini features 3 calibrated preset heating temperatures, allowing you to personalize your vaporizing session. To determine your heating temperature on the Vista Mini it has a LED light built into the device. Click the power button 2 times quickly to change temperatures and once the LED light stops flashing your device has heated up to vaporization temperature.White - Low | 280°CGreen - Medium | 350°CRed - High | 400°C 

The Vista Mini features a 2000mAh battery, that averagely takes about 2 hours to charge and will last 30-50 hits depending on your heating temperature. 

The glass tapered stem can be filled with water for better filtration and smoother hits.

The XVape Vista Mini is the first vaporizer ever to have wireless charging! Set your device down on the top of the pad and your device will instantly start charging! "Wireless Charger Not Included"

Concentrate Or Herbal? Concentrate
Size? Height/Length:  | Width: 
Chamber Capacity? 0.1g - 0.5g 
Medical Grade? Yes

The XVape Vista Mini comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply take the device apart, and clean all non-electronic parts with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Rinse all non-electric items with water to remove all traces of the alcohol. Then allow everything to dry completely and you're ready for a session.

  • 1 - Vista Mini 
  • 1 - Vista Mini Carb Cap
  • 1 - Stem 
  • 1 - Set Of O-rings 
  • 1 - USB Cable 
  • 1 - Concentrate Tool 
  • 1 - Glass Joint Clip 
  • 1 - Funnel

XVAPE products are provided 90 days limited warranty which covers defects in manufacturing, workmanship, and materials, mainly for electronic and structural integrity, this excludes accessories such as the removable battery cell, mouthpiece, ceramic filter, heating coil glass accessories and charging cable unless a physical defect arises. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, acts of piracy, or other external causes i.e. damage caused by operating the product outside the permitted or intended use as described, a device or part that has been modified to alter the functionality or capability without written permission, or cosmetic damage including but not limited to dents scratches and/or broken plastic.Normal product wear and tear is not covered under warranty. Normal performance degradation of batteries is also not covered by the warranty. 

All warranty claims will need to be processed through XVapes website. XVape averagely takes 3-10 days to fix or replace your device.

*Normal product wear and tear is not covered under warranty. Normal performance degradation of batteries is also not covered by the warranty.