Utillian 722 - Canadian Vaporizers
Utillian 722 - Canadian Vaporizers
Utillian 722 - Canadian Vaporizers
Utillian 722 - Canadian Vaporizers

尤蒂利安 722

尤蒂利安 722

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The Utillian 722 vaporizer, an upgrade from the Utillian 721, offers enhanced vapor quality for both dry herb and concentrate enthusiasts. This device sports a sleek new design, precise temperature control, improved airflow, and convection heating technology. It features a stainless steel heating chamber and achieves a higher maximum temperature compared to the Utillian 721.

Heating Capabilities

Equipped with 4 preset temperatures: 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, and 210°C, the Utillian 722 allows precise temperature selection for dry herbs and concentrates. For concentrate usage, the highest temperature settings are recommended and can be accessed via boost mode. Engaging boost mode by holding the power button heats the chamber up to 225°C for optimal vapor quality.

Battery Life

The Utillian 722 is powered by a 2300mAh non-removable battery, offering approximately 60 minutes of use, depending on the temperature setting.

Mouthpiece Design

Designed for ease of use, the 722's mouthpiece can be easily removed for loading both dry herbs and concentrates. The kit also includes a wax tool, making it convenient for concentrate users.

Contents of the Box

  • 1 Utillian 722 Vaporizer
  • 1 Pair of Tweezers
  • 1 Wax Canister
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Wax Tool

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