Red Eye Glass 8" Varial Concentrate Recycler

Red Eye Glass 8" Varial Concentrate Recycler

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Top half decorative hand pipe mouthpiece and bottom half dab rig, the Varial is like the centaur of concentrate recyclers (the good ones, not the weird horse head on human body ones). The extended "hand pipe" mouthpiece gives you plenty of space from the heated banger, and the recycler function produces clean, flavourful vapour as it cycles through the multi-chambered design.

Product Features:
- 100% borosilicate glass
- Built-in 4-hole perc
- Decorative "hand pipe" mouthpiece

What's Included:
1 x 8" Varial Concentrate Recycler
1 x 14mm Male 90 Degree Banger 

** Hand Pipe Mouthpiece for decorative use only **