Juul Starter Kit E-Cigarette (4 Pods Included)
Juul Starter Kit E-Cigarette (4 Pods Included)Juul Starter Kit E-Cigarette (4 Pods Included)
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The Juul is the best selling, closed system pod kit on the market. The Juul has closed pods that are prepackaged and nonrefillable. They also come in preset nicotine strengths with different flavors. The main benefit of a closed system is the convenience of switching between flavors. It is as simple as popping in a new cartridge without any mess. 

The Juul is a straightforward & easy to use starter device with no buttons to confuse you.  You simply inhale on the mouthpiece and vapor is produced.  The Juul has a tight draw similar to a traditional cigarette, as well as the Juul produces a realistic “smoking” mouth feel.

Juul Includes:
4- Pods

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