Puffco Peak Pro Travel Glass - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro Travel Glass
Puffco Peak Pro Travel Glass - Canadian Vaporizers
Puffco Peak Pro Travel Glass - Canadian Vaporizers

Puffco Peak Pro Travel Glass

Puffco Peak Pro Travel Glass

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This Puffco Peak Travel Glass is compatible with the Original Puffco Peak and the Puffco Peak Pro.

Embark on a journey with the Peak Pro Travel Glass, an innovative accessory compatible with both the Peak Pro and Peak vaporizers. This patented top design allows you to securely seal water inside the chamber by simply twisting the mouthpiece. This feature minimizes spills, enhances portability, and conserves your precious water. Now you can enjoy dabbing while on the move with confidence.

*Never fill your glass when attached to the base

**Never disassemble the mouthpiece, turn to open position when cleaning, do not remove

***Before storage or travel when in closed/locked position, flip your travel glass upside down to ensure no water comes out. Water damage to the Peak base is not covered under warranty.

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Elevate Your Vape Journey with the Puffco Peak Travel Glass

Enhance your Puffco Peak or Peak Pro with the revolutionary Puffco Peak Travel Glass. This patented accessory is expertly designed to lock water inside the chamber simply by twisting the mouthpiece, offering you less spills, better portability, and water conservation. Ideal for dabbing enthusiasts on the move, this travel-friendly top turns any spot into your personal session space.

Compact and Robust

Built with a compact and durable design, the Puffco Peak Travel Glass is the perfect travel companion for vaping enthusiasts. Whether you're heading across town or across the country, this robust accessory stands up to the rigors of any journey, ensuring you never miss a session.

Spill-Proof and Secure

Travel with confidence knowing your wax and extracts are well-protected. The spill-proof design of the Puffco Peak Travel Glass keeps your materials securely sealed, making spills a worry of the past.

Quick and Easy Compatibility

The Travel Glass is designed for ease, allowing for swift attachment and detachment to your device. Switch between this and other attachments smoothly, maintaining a hassle-free experience as you go.

Uncompromised Performance

Despite its smaller size, the Puffco Peak Travel Glass does not sacrifice performance. Enjoy smooth and efficient airflow that guarantees consistently satisfying hits, just like the standard glass but with the added benefit of water-lock technology.