The New Puffco Peak Pro Expert Insight: A Leap Forward in Dab Rig Technology

Mar 27, 2024

The New Puffco Peak Pro


In my journey through the evolving landscape of vaporizers, the arrival of the New Puffco Peak Pro stands as a notable milestone. This device isn't just an upgrade; it's a redefinition of what we expect from electronic dab rigs. Let's delve into the intricacies of this cutting-edge e-rig, drawing from firsthand experience and detailed analysis.

Design and Build: Aesthetically Superior, Functionally Advanced

The New Puffco Peak Pro sports a design that's as practical as it is visually striking. Its vortex-shaped glass bubbler, equipped with five air holes at the base, enhances airflow, making each draw smoother than ever. The base design, reminiscent of a futuristic flashlight, isn't just for show; it's a beacon of the device's advanced technology. The New Puffco Peak Pro Also Comes Stock With Upgraded 3D Chamber. As Well As Improved Filtration In The Mouthpiece and upgraded Joystick carb cap. The Original Puffco Peak Pro, comes with the Original Chamber (Not 3D) and the Original Ball Carb Cap (Not Joystick) 

Innovative Atomizer: The Core of Excellence

At the heart of the New Puffco Peak Pro's unparalleled performance is its 3D Chamber. This gem heats concentrates from the sides of the walls and the bottom, preserving the integrity of your concentrates' flavor and potency. The Joystick carb cap further refines this experience, allowing for effortless directional airflow and more efficient use of your concentrates. If you are looking for an even BIGGER dab, Puffco designed the 3D XL Chamber which is referred to the "Rig Killer" and if that is not enough which I highly doubt that is the case, you can maximize your experience with some banger balls! 

Temperature Control and Customization: Precision at Your Fingertips

The New Puffco Peak Pro offers a range of 4 preset temperatures, from 490°F (254°C) to a peak 575°F (301°C), ensuring versatility for every user preference. However, the true game-changer is the device's app capabilities. The Puffco app provides a full level of customization, from temperature adjustments to session durations, mood lighting options and even your vapor products! You can design and tailor your dabbing experience to perfection.

  • Blue (Lowest): 490°F 
  • Green (High): 510°F
  • Red (Max): 530°F 
  • White (Peak): 575°F

Notably, Puffco offers a workaround for Apple’s restrictions on vaporizing apps, adding value for iPhone users. (The device CAN be used without the app) 

Press Here To View Our Tutorial On How To Download The Puffco App & Connect Your iPhone Via IOS

Battery Life and Charging: Power Through Your Sessions

With about 40 sessions per charge and a swift two-hour full recharge time, the New Puffco Peak Pro ensures that you're never left waiting. The introduction of USB-C and wireless charging capabilities not only streamlines the charging process but also integrates seamlessly into the modern tech ecosystem. The New Peak Pro also has Pass Through Charging which means you can use the device while it is charging. To extended your battery life we recommend trying out the New Peak Pro Power Dock. The Power Dock will fully charge your device as well as you can plug in other devices with the USB insert! 

Ease of Use and Maintenance: Simplifying the Dabbing Process

The New Puffco Peak Pro has refined the user experience to an art form. Its easy-to-navigate interface, coupled with a comprehensive app, makes operation a breeze for both newcomers and veterans alike. Cleaning and maintenance, often a chore with lesser devices, are straightforward, ensuring your rig remains in peak condition with minimal effort. Looking for some amazing cleaning tools? Check out our Gear Detailing Tools & QuartzSaver King Tips.

The Verdict: Is the New Puffco Peak Pro Worth It?

In a one word.... Yes! The New Puffco Peak Pro isn't just an e-rig; it's a statement. It embodies the pinnacle of vaporizer technology, with its sleek design, groundbreaking atomizer, and unmatched temperature control. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or just beginning your journey, the New Puffco Peak Pro offers a premium experience that justifies its price tag.

In the evolving world of cannabis consumption, the New Puffco Peak Pro sets a new standard, blending aesthetics, performance, and innovation into a device that's as enjoyable to use as it is effective. For those seeking the ultimate dabbing experience, look no further—the New Puffco Peak Pro is the device you've been waiting for!


The New Puffco Peak Pro features a vortex-shaped glass bubbler for smoother airflow, an upgraded 3D Chamber for better heating, improved filtration in the mouthpiece, and a joystick carb cap for enhanced airflow control.

The New Peak Pro is an all around better device. The main differences are the Original Puffco Peak does not have Bluetooth capabilities. As well as it can not fit the 3D Chamber or 3D XL Chamber. As well as the mouthpiece and joystick is not upgraded.

The 3D Chamber heats concentrates from the sides and the bottom, preserving the flavor and potency of the concentrates for an unparalleled dabbing experience.

Yes, the device offers 4 preset temperatures ranging from 490°F to 575°F. Additionally, the Puffco app provides full customization of temperature, session duration, and more. You do NOT need the App to use the New Peak Pro.

The Peak Pro is designed to be user-friendly for both beginners and experts, with intuitive controls and customizable settings via the app

It supports about 40 sessions per charge, features USB-C and wireless charging, and offers a two-hour full recharge time. It also has Pass Through Charging and can be used with the New Peak Pro Power Dock for extended battery life.

The New Peak Pro has a 2 year warranty.

Absolutely. The device is a pinnacle of vaporizer technology, offering a premium dabbing experience with its design, functionality, and innovative features.