Cannabis Q & A: Why Do Bongs Get You Higher?

Separating Cannabis Science From Weed Sci-Fi

Getting solid answers to stoner science questions is surprisingly hard. A smoking session is quick to bring out everyone’s inner philosopher but those cannabis queries usually go without proper answers. 

All too often, people’s legitimate smoking questions, like “do glass bongs get you higher than joints?” or “what does bong water do?”, go up in a cloud of smoke before anyone can provide a satisfactory answer. 

This short guide will answer some of the most burning cannabis questions out there so you can set the record straight the next time the conversation in your smoking session veers into this familiar territory. 

Does Smoking From a Bong Really Get You Higher Than a Joint?

The truth is that both joints and bongs are tried and tested ways to get high, and each of these smoking methods has its advantages. The short answer to the question of whether or not a bong will get you higher than a joint is yes, but it’s complicated. 

Exploring how joints and bongs work will help unpack this answer. 


For most people, a joint is what they picture when they think of smoking weed. Joints, blunts, weed cigarettes… whatever you want to call them, rolling up some herb in a paper and sparking up is a common marijuana experience that many can relate to. 

Easy to Use

Joints have the advantage of convenience and portability - you don’t need expensive gear and they are easy to bring with you wherever you go - but they have some downsides. Learning how to properly roll a joint can involve a bit of a learning curve, but the biggest knock on joints is that they are far from the most efficient way to get high. 

Harsh & Inefficient

When you smoke a joint or a blunt, a lot of the weed simply burns away in between hits and the smoking experience is much harsher than using a water pipe. Also, many people add tobacco to their joints so they are easier to smoke, but that opens the door to all the health concerns surrounding tobacco use. 

In short, there is a big trade-off for the convenience of a joint. They tend to use more weed than bongs or pipes, and the smoke is harsher and dirtier because it also contains traces of the rolling paper (and possibly tobacco). 


Also known as water pipes, bongs have been around for ages, although modern bong design has come a long way from what it once was. Whether you are using a stylish Cheech and Chong glass bong or using a bong you cobbled together at home, the fundamentals remain the same.

Basic Bong Design

A water pipe or bong is any water-tight smoking vessel with a bowl and a stem that guides air through the water-filled enclosed space so the weed smoke bubbles up through the water when used. Inhaling through the mouthpiece at the top of the tube as the cannabis in the bowl is lit pulls the smoke through the water, and that smoke is released when the user uncovers the carburetor or removes the bowl.

What Does Bong Water Do?

The water in your bong plays two important roles. It filters and cools the smoke before you inhale it. Judging by how dirty bong water gets after a long session, it's easy to see how much work the water actually does.

Beyond filtration, the water in a bong also helps with temperature regulation. The water chills the smoke to make it smoother and less irritating as you inhale. The more water your bong contains, and the more bubbles you can pull through it, makes for more comfortable bong hits.

A Different Smoking Experience

When you smoke from a bong, all the cannabis smoke stays in the chamber (until you inhale), which is why it is a much more efficient way to smoke weed. Also, because the smoke is filtered, the hits are much easier on the lungs. And those hits can turn out to be way more powerful than anything you could get from a joint. 

If you are using something with a large bowl and chamber, like a Red Eye glass bong, those rips could pack a massive amount of THC. 

So Which is Better, Joints or Bongs?

In principle, someone could get just as high from a joint as from a bong or water pipe, assuming that they’re smoking strains with similar THC levels, but in practice a good bong will let you get the most from your marijuana experience. 

People experience stronger effects and a more powerful high when they hit bongs because bong hits pack a different punch than hits from a joint. Getting high happens quickly with bongs because each hit is a powerful and efficient way to take in THC. People usually find that taking a hit from a bong is easier on the lungs, and because the smoke is condensed and filtered in the bong chamber, virtually nothing goes to waste, which makes each hit highly potent. 

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