Red Eye Glass Bongs: Should You Get One?

Red Eye Glass Bongs

When it comes to smoking the green, there are as many preferences as there are stars in the sky. Some tokers love to roll their own dubees, some prefer to buy them pre-rolled. Some smokers prefer to smoke something light, and others would rather have a wild experience with a strong weed - either one that puts them in a creative mood or that cements them quite firmly to the couch. Some like to use small one-hitters, and others like to use bongs. 

Bongs deliver much cooler, smoother hits than some other methods, so for those with a predilection for smoking out of bongs, there are always some great choices with the Red Eye Tek brands. On your next order of new weed products and supplies, don’t just refill your smoking accessories - grab one of the following coo l Red Eye Glass bongs!


What are bongs made of exactly?

pipe bong

Smoking with a glass bong is easy, and they mostly all have the same few elements. There is a  bowl, a carb, a downstem, a base, and a tube. 


Getting started

To prepare for your smoking session, first you have to fill the bong with water. Next, place a screen in the bowl before you load it up with weed or tobacco. This helps avoid small pieces of product being sucked into the water when you inhale.

Next, it’s time to break up some of your herb, either by using your fingers or some scissors, so that the herb (or the tobacco) can be packed nicely into the bowl. It’s important that the weed or tobacco is not too finely ground, like you might find as a result of using a coffee grinder. Turning weed into a fine powder is not the goal.


Time to smoke!

Finally, once your herb is in the bowl, you place your finger over the carb, which is the little hole in the bong next to the bowl. Most bongs either have a carb to place your finger on, or a removable bowl (also called a removable downstem, or banger) that produces the same effect. 

Now inhale and light the weed in the bowl at the same time, and after you’ve filled the bong with smoke (but before you’ve finished your maximum inhale), release the carb, and inhale the accumulated smoke. There! You’ve done it!


Some Great Bong Choices

The Terminator


The Terminator is a beaker bong, which has a traditional, simple look. This kind of straight tube water pipe will often hold less water than other varieties (such as larger beaker bongs), but is lightweight and easy to use. It’s stylish too!

This product’s facetted quarter pattern provides a little extra grip, creating a bedazzled appearance that won’t slip out of your hand while you’re using it. Try one of these new 7mm thick pieces and elevate your glass collection to another level.


The Vulcan


The Vulcan is an example of a beaker bong with a removable downstem. Made of 100% borosilicate glass, this 7.5" Red Eye Tek Metallic Terminator Finish Vulcan Concentrate Tube is a fantastic choice, and versatile. 

Particularly cool are the iridescent finishes, and the bong itself comes with a quartz banger, which is used for smoking concentrates. Of course, you can swap that out for one of Canadian Vaporizers’ 14mm bowls to get the best of both worlds. 


The Dual Chamber Step-Down Beaker Tube

The Dual Chamber Step-Down Beaker Tube

This particular beaker tube is one of our favorites. This magnificent giant from Red Eye Glass features a dual chamber design, a matrix perc, and is very tall. It’s not something you can just hide in your bag on the way out the door though - you should save this bad boy for some special smoking sessions at home with your buddies. 


Need More?

At Canadian Vaporizers, we’ve got all the new products, bongs and bong accessories you could ever need. With great sales all the time, meet your match and buy the smoking device and brand that appeals most to your sensibilities. You can always have a great night (or wake and bake) with Canadian Vaporizers!